flavrx cbd drops

Flavrx cbd drops

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• 100mg CBD
• Available in Cherry, Mint, and Natural
• Lab tested broad spectrum CBD oil

Proprietary, all-natural sublingual formulation developed for maximum CBD bioavailability and convenient, fast relief. With potent anti-inflammatory qualities, these drops are used to alleviate joint and muscle pain, provide immunity support, and for general well-being.

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About this brand

Flavrx cbd drops

After turning its sights solidly on the CBD market, FlavRx has quickly built a sizable lineup of products. The company now has everything from CBD-infused topicals to edibles, vaporizers and more.

FlavRx’s Expanding CBD Lineup

If you love vaping, you’re in luck. FlavRx hasn’t forgotten you. In fact, FlavRx’s CBD vaporizers are basically a product line all on their own.

Oral Application

FlavRx recently announced the release of new CBD gummies. The gummies are available in 14 flavors, and you can choose from 100 milligram or 250 milligram doses.

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