floyd’s of leadville cbd hemp oil review

“The Floyd’s of Leadville Tinctures Full Spectrum CBD products provide – in addition to the active plant CBD compound – a synergic effect that supplements and enhances the benefits of CBD for extra strength. The enhanced benefit has been widely recognized and has its own name – the “Entourage Effect.” The Entourage Effect synergistically combines the benefits of other terpenes to maximize their potential. The process involved for the Full Spectrum products results in a trace amount of THC.”

I use this as a nightly rub. Best thing ever – Rodolfo N.

What we think

Floyd’s of Leadville CBD Hemp Oil Daily Supplement tincture uses the best anti-inflammatory strains that takes the edge off the pain and delivers an advantage over the competition. As you can expect from a Floyd’s of Leadville product there’s no preservatives or additives – just natural CBD hemp oil. Of course all our hemp is non-GMO so you get all of the goodness with none of the pesticides.


**Note from ” Floyd’s of Leadville ” – Please note that while all of our Full Spectrum products contain less than .3% hemp-derived THC, this larger 100mg extra-strength capsule could possibly produce a positive THC test result.

We cannot currently deliver CBD products internationally or to these states: Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi and Louisiana.

Floyd's of leadville cbd hemp oil review

Floyds of Leadville Full Spectrum CBD gems are convenient and tasty options for getting a serving of CBDs in a easy to carry package. The cannabis edible company was founded by Floyd Landis, known for his prowess as a professional road cyclist, who found CBD products to be an ideal solution to both physical aches and pains, as well as stress, anxiety, and depression.


There really is but one downside of CBD that keeps me from jumping 100% on board as a believer — the cost. Even buying at bulk, it’s almost $1.00 a serving, which is a lot considering I buy generic ibuprofen in massive bottles. At the moment I’m on a tight budget, which means I’ll be sticking to vitamin I until I notice issues with the side effects.. (ok, that is a bit concerning considering how much Ibuprofen I’ve been taking this year.

Full Spectrum vs Isolate

CBD is available in two varieties: full-spectrum and isolate. Full-spectrum uses the entire plant and contains trace amount of THC. It’s a small amount, but for folks that could be penalized for having small amounts of THC in your system, isolate is a better option. As you can probably guess from its description, they isolate the CBD from the rest of the plant to keep it free of THC. Personally, I’m more interested in the full spectrum as you’ll get more noticeable benefits.