game store cbd

I was annoyed when we called the credit customer service and was told to pay for service monthly card fees after I made a mistake by paying all the outstanding balance owed to them without asking for a settlement amount,their system carried on charging me monthly fees .was told I must pay it then the system will stop charging it☹mxm.

I buy my appliances here most of the time. Affordable for me.

Theres no parking there but the shop is well stationed

I might be wrong but I believe in the slogan,SERVICE WITH A SMILE, but st this branch the employees seemed to be more unfriendly and difficult when approached by customers seeking assistance and that truly does not amount to a pleasant shopping experience at all nor does it encourage consumers to frequent the store when in search of specific goods and friendly customer service or advice on a intended purchase.

Customer service is poor even the manager doesnt even know customer service.I stood up for an hour waiting for my husband to come help carry the camp cot because I couldnt pick it up I was carrying my baby with a baby carrier and my baby was sleeping.Yoooh.

Quality products, professional service delivery. This place is just amazing

Do not buy ink cartridges at this store. I bought an ink cartridge and it was empty inside. They are crooks.

Game is so far so good on customer service and l was impressed with the specials

Situated in Pretoria CBD at bloed mall another alternative shop if you desperately need something at game and you live near by

Its safe and clean you can do your shopping without any destination

The service its too poor u Wait for more than an hour o get help in this store

Had a great shopping experience there I would go & shop again there

The stuff are so cool as they give an excellent service !