gnome serum cbd reviews

Gnome serum cbd reviews

Posted by Wes Huskey on Jul 16th 2018

Posted by Charmaine Todd on Jun 25th 2018

When I first learned that this CBD oil was from hemp I was super skeptical, but having to gather all the paperwork just to see the MMC physician was exhausting, so I thought give this a try. Dose # 1 NOTHING , dose # 2 NOTHING , # 3 maybe some difference, but could be psychological, dose # 4 NO PAIN , NO ANXIETY. A LITTLE TO CALM. I could not believe this really worked. We need to think of ourselves as individual human beings whose physiology works differently in each of us. We need to give new products a fighting chance, unless of course, they are producing bodily harm. I will be reordering, but going up to the 1800mg which is more suitable for my range of problems

Gnome Serum

This CBD hemp oil has been a Godsend to me! It has not only helped me with sleeping, but it's also helped me have no more muscle spasms from piriformis syndrome, which can be very painful! I use a half of a dropper under my tongue, hold for 1 minute then wash it down with any beverage. I'm so thankful for this high quality product, it's so wonderful! =) Charmaine Phx., Az

Experience one of the purest forms of full spectrum hemp extract with this powerful tincture. Cannabidiol, terpenes, flavonoids, and no more than 0.3% THC are carefully formulated with Omega-3 from nutrient-rich Ahiflower®. No additives.

Gnome Hemp Oil Exctract

Definitely found product useful in dialing down general anxiety levels .

My 12 year old son who has Tuberous Sclerosis Complex and autism has shown improved clarity since being on the CBD oil! He's been able to speak more about what's on his mind, use advanced vocabulary, and just seems sharper! His reactions to uncomfortable situations seem less severe, he is able to settle himself a bit more and overall I feel that the oil helps his overall wellbeing. Can't say enough how blessed we are to have found your serum. Thank you for your product! In gratitude, Patty

Gnome serum cbd reviews

Coming out of 2019 we developed a lubricant and massage oil that has been met with rave reviews. Currently, we’re expanding the topical line with a full face regiment and the expansion of other organic plant extractions with synergistic value.

Once we understood the dynamics of cannabis extractions, and the plant’s potential I felt as though I was looking at the beginning of the internet in the 1990s all over again.

What’s the most important thing a prospective hemp oil/CBD consumer should know ​before purchasing a product?

Hi Greg. There are so many companies making exorbitant claims, please briefly explain what makes Gnome Serum different or better than most of your competitors in the hemp oil/CBD space?


Though the details of his fascinating life are certainly worthy of a Hollywood script, for the purposes of this particular story, we’ll focus on his latest, and maybe, greatest venture, Gnome Serum. Kerber says he’s always had a passion for life-enhancing natural products and possessed legit experience creating pathways to growth for companies of all sizes. In 2009, he co-founded RAD Soap, a company that grew to be an internationally recognized wellness brand distributed by Whole Foods and hundreds of retailers in the US, Canada and South Korea. He launched Gnome Serum in 2017 in response to customer demand for premium products containing full spectrum hemp extract. And here’s the cool part: He did it right. For example, Gnome Serum uses other ingredients such as essential oils that enhance the impact for the specific condition they allude to. It’s a smart, consumer-enriching strategy.

As generic as that statement may sound, it may also be the biggest understatement ever made. Greg Kerber, Founder and CEO of Johnsonville, NY-based hemp oil company Gnome Serum, is interesting in the same way, say, Tiger Woods is pretty good at golf. Yeah, exactly.

Greg, you’ve had a very colorful, interesting life and have spearheaded a number of successful companies, what made you think about launching a hemp oil/CBD enterprise?

First of all, Gnome Serum is a full spectrum hemp extraction and our belief is, that it is the only extraction that gives consumers the full potential of the power of the hemp plant. Once you understand how the endocannabinoid receptor system works, there isn’t any other choice except full spectrum hemp extractions.

Our best-selling products are our hemp extractions. The reason for that is that our customers get results from our product. In addition to getting results, our extracts have two flavors natural and citrus along with four mg choices ranging from 500 to1800 mg which offers the consumer a large variety of choice.