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Strains available are, Animal Mints BX1, Blue Face, Figment, Government Lemons, Kush Mint Cookies, Sweet “Pee”, Dark Karma, & LA Pop Rocks!

This is the first Fig Farms collab at all since the onset of prop 64.⠀

We are back again with a full line of Cartridges and Concentrates. Using only Fig Farms Nugs for extraction to create a beautiful, terpene-rich concentrate. over a 1/8th of Fig Farms Nugs to create a single gram of premium extract. The Cartridge is all 100% Cannabis with no additives or Distillate.

The first time we had the honor of running Figs was back in 2015/16 and it was a full nug run of pink and purple fig. The grow was boutique but exceptional, I knew they would go on to do amazing things.

Introducing the release Blueface ! A cross of #AnimalMints x #FaceOffOG .

This drop is exclusive to selected retailers. Click here to get yours!

We collaborated with fig farms to produce these amazing diamond badders & cartridges. using only fig farms nugs for extraction to create a beautiful, terpene-rich concentrate. over a 1/8th of nugs to create a single gram of premium extract.

Not only that but with both CBD & CBG the benefits are endless! With the anti inflammatory factor involved, it’s helped reduce my muscle spasms in my stomach and it’s still early days for me but seeing such an improvement in 15 days I can see this being the bottle I CANNOT live without!

Will be using for the foreseeable future ❤️

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2020 would have been so much harder without!

excellent product , arrived as it should . will be buying more

I was given chance to try the drops and I am impressed with different results so far. My back is very badly damaged and pains for many years .The drops have helped reduce muscle spasms at night a bit which is great for me to get a little better sleep from less spasms keeping me awake.
The best bit for me is what the drops have done with my rare rash that always has flared up and now it's almost gone ,I have never seen my rash this little ,I hope by keep taking the drops that it will keep helping my rash 🙂 .
I am very impressed with the different things it has done since taking it .I started off with just a few drops to start with as my body usually reacts against medications but I have not had such issues with the drops so I have increased the drops I take to closer to recommended amount now and I am extremely happy with results so far .Thankyou for giving me a chance to trial the drops via my daughter and when I run out I will be buying more .

I have tested this cbd oil now for a…

CBD Gold Drops UK is the very best cbd oil I have ever used. Very efficient for my depression, using only a few drops a day. Thank you!

I’ve been supplementing cbd in many forms for over 6 years, I want to start by saying that this product isn’t anything other than hemp oil in my opinion, I read the amazing 90 odd reviews and thought it must be legit until receiving an email stating that if I leave a positive review on trust pilot I’ll receive a free bottle of cbd. hence why the good reviews. If a company has great products it doesn’t need to bribe its customers to leave a good review. The bottle states that’s it’s 45% strength with 5000 mg cbd and 1000mg cbg in a 30 ml bottle, don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out that If this actually had any cbd in it which it doesn’t the real % wouldn’t be 20%. They haven’t put a lab test result up on their website since 2018. Reputable company’s test each batch before production. and taking half a pipette of supposedly 45% strength cbd twice a day Is beyond crazy as you can only absorb a small percentage at a time, it is hugely advised to start with 2-3 drops a day max and increase or decrease depending on results as there has been no FDA evaluation of what the proper dosage might be for taking cbd suggesting taking such a high dose in my opinion seems pretty reckless. If the price seems to good to be true than take my word for it it’ll definitely will be a waste of money.