green paws cbd

Green paws cbd

About Green CBD:

Origin: Grown in Lebanon | Made in USA

Suggested Dosage: 2 drops per day during the first week, and 3 to 4 drops per day during week 2 and onwards.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Hemp Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic CBD

Like us, dogs, cats, and animals in general have an endocannabinoid system. Also like us, pets can get anxiety or trauma due to certain life events or accidents. Unlike us, however, they cannot always express their feelings or troubles, which make it necessary to have a product like PAWS to help them out.

How to Use: When you first give your pet CBD, it is recommended to start out with 0.5mg of CBD (1 Drop from PAWS) for the first week. If you don’t see negative side effects (such as vomiting, sedation, disorientation, etc.) then you can gradually up the dose after maintaining it for a week or so.

Keep a record of what you gave your pet, the dosage, when you administered it, and any reactions they had. This way you can best ensure their safety. It is also best to arrange a visit the vets to check weight, blood pressure, and a few other general things to do with their health.

Values: Organic, Non-GMO, Vegan, THC-Free

You can go up according to the pet weight, as per the chart below:

Farley opened our world to a non-toxic, natural, plant-based medical alternative. As a result of him, we have used cannabis, CBD, products of our other pets to treat anxiety, fear, pain, and GI issues.

And so, our journey began with a cannabis treatment for him.

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Upon discovering his diagnosis, we elected to go the traditional approach, chemotherapy. After one treatment, he almost passed away. His primary vet, for his safety, would not proceed forward with additional treatments.


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After rescuing Farley from the shelter, it was discovered that he had cancer, he had both lymphoma and circulating leukemia. For a senior dog at the age of 13, that is a lot to manage; in fact, that is a lot for any dog to manage.

Without treatment, he was given, at best, one month to live. After doing massive research, all roads pointed to medical cannabis for pets with cancer. We approached his vet, to quote her; "I would much rather you try something natural than pump more chemicals into him."

Guiding the pet parent in helping determining which cannabis product is ideal for their pet. Not all CBD product labels are accurate and true, we do the research for you.

Seeing the amazingly positive results and benefits first hand, we knew we wanted to share and help pet parents too. Thus, Farley's Green Paw Consulting was launched to help inspire, educate, and guide other pet parents and veterinarians in the world of pet CBD and veterinary cannabis.

Pet professional? We host pet cannabis events throughout the year for professionals within the pet industry.