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Moe's Southwest GrillAshwaubenon, WI Maintain fast, accurate service and provide top-notch customer service to every guest that comes into our fast food restaurant

Take 5 Oil ChangeDe Pere, WI We will train you the Take 5 way for changing oil, replacing wiper blades/air filters, filling air in tires, other light maintenance services, and how to oversee a shop.

AstenJohnsonAppleton, WI Physical Requirements/Working Conditions:Ability to work in a typical plant environment involving exposure to fluorescent lighting, potential ink fumes, contact with synthetic materials and air conditioning.

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American Transmission CompanyDe Pere, WI You’ll use your exceptional customer service skills to greet all visitors entering an ATC facility, including registering and badging visitors in accordance with established building access and security procedures.

AmcorAppleton, WI Associated topics: bindery, binding, catalog, color, flexo, ink, offset printing, press, pressman, printing

Happy Trails Roscoe Village is a full-service CBD store, located in North Chicago and WI. Happy Trails CBD carries high therapeutic grade CBD products.

Aston CarterGreen Bay, WI Established in 1997, Aston Carter is a leading staffing and consulting firm, providing high-caliber talent and premium services to more than 7,000 companies across North America.

Happy trails cbd green bay

I’m looking forward to the day we can source hemp-fed beef, turkey, chicken and pork. Right now, no one can sell livestock value-added products where hemp feed was used. Again, there are so many benefits of animals eating hemp and getting their endocannabinoid system balanced with cannabinoids. The Hemp Feed Coalition is doing great work to get FDA-approved hemp animal feed. I’ve tasted pork chops in Colorado at a hemp farmer’s dinner table and they were delicious; the meat was tender and tasty. I enjoy using hemp hearts or hemp protein in smoothies I make at home: a strawberry banana smoothie with hemp hearts or vanilla hemp protein is always amazing. I’m going to keep plugging it. Hempura on fish is one of the best things I’ve tasted out of the hemp food sector of the industry. All you need is the Hempura batter mix, a bottle of New Belgium Hemperor beer, your favorite fish to fry and a mixing bowl.”

In July 2015, a law was passed that allowed the Menominee Tribe to legally grow low-THC cannabis. However, in October 2015, the US Drug Enforcement Agency and state/local police raided the hemp farm on the Menominee Reservation, calling the plants high-grade marijuana.

“Best way I can explain hemp is using a pepper analogy. You have all different hot peppers: habañero, jalapeño, ghost pepper, chipotle; these are your high-grade marijuana plants. Hemp is more of your bell pepper type of pepper. All of these peppers are in the same family, but distinctly different. I can say the same about hemp and marijuana being a part of the cannabis family. You cannot grow hemp and marijuana together due to the cross-pollination issue … All cannabis plants have CBD and THC. A lot of the hemp CBD dominant varieties are just simplified high-grade THC plants. The plants are bred out of their THC levels for higher CBD levels. THC and CBD cannot live in harmony together in the hemp plant. One will be dominant over the other.”

A member of the cannabis family, hemp is often associated with a more notorious member of the family – marijuana. When I first heard of hemp I assumed they were the same. I was wrong in my ways. However, I know I’m not the only one who thinks that way. There are many people who pin the two as one, but why?


The Menominee Tribe filed for a declaratory judgment against the U.S. Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement Agency, but in May 2016 a federal judge ruled in favor of the DEA and ruled that the state of Wisconsin must pass a legalization law in order for the Menominee Tribe to grow hemp. Wisconsin’s industrial hemp bill passed in 2017, allowing the state’s farmers to obtain licenses to grow and process the crop through the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP). Under the bill, all hemp grown and processed must have a concentration of no more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Marijuana exceeds the 0.3% level.

In less than a century, hemp would go from being one of Wisconsin’s leading agricultural profits to one that was fighting its way to be legally grown. By 1970, US Congress passed the Controlled Substances Act that put hemp and marijuana in the same drug category, thus banning hemp cultivation in the United States. More recently, the Agricultural Act of 2014 set to legalize industrial hemp cultivation for State Departments of Agriculture and institutions of higher education to conduct academic and market research on industrial hemp. At the same time, the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin met with the U.S. government to discuss growing industrial hemp on their tribal lands.

What are some of the known benefits of using hemp?

I recently had the opportunity to virtually sit down with Grignon and learn more about hemp.

Hemp-infused battered fish. Contributed photo