how to make cbd glycerin tincture

How to make cbd glycerin tincture

4. It is a more discreet way to enjoy cannabis especially if you don’t want people to know that you are taking cannabis.

Mix cannabis and the glycerin together in the pot. Combine and stir well with your spoon until all the cannabis is saturated with glycerin. Now set the pot to low for about 45-50 minutes and ensure to stir well after every 5 minutes. You should now be able to smell an aroma of cannabis after 45 or 50 minutes. The aroma or rather odor is a sign that the decarboxylation process of cannabis is taking place.

The next step is to lift up your folded cheese cloth that contains the mixture and squeeze thoroughly so as to obtain all the glycerin cannabis tincture. Remember that the harder you will squeeze the more glycerin tincture you will obtain. The purpose of squeezing hard is because most of the tincture may end up being left in the plant material.

Here is how to make a glycerin-based cannabis tincture at home.

Benefits Of A Cannabis Tincture

It is an excellent solvent compared to alcohol if you want to enjoy your cannabis in a mild way that is not strong. Glycerin being a plant-based ingredient it means that you also will not feel intoxicated and you can also enjoy a glycerin tincture even at your workplace. It is also safe to use it at home even when you have children unlike with alcohol.

You should try making a cannabis tincture at home if you want to enjoy all the medical benefits of cannabis in a simpler way. The good thing is that it’s easy and won’t take a lot of your time even if you are a busy working person.

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5. 3 cups of food grade vegetable glycerin

Benefit of Using Glycerin to Make Tincture

A glycerin-based tincture is a versatile product that you can easily use to induce different foods and beverages. Making tinctures is also fairly simple for as long as you can lay your hands on the best available strain. Of course you will also need the right equipment and technique.

4. 15g cannabis flower

There are a many ways to make a potent vegetable glycerine tincture. You can make a relatively quick tincture by heating it up and mixing it using a Magical Butter Machine or Crock Pot. The Magical Butter Machine has set temperature settings and a tincture button that takes 4 hours to cycle. You can also use the 8 hour button to make a stronger tincture. I usually run a few cycles on the MB Machine for a total of 12-16 hours depending on how much time I have. Just follow the recipe here if you’re using a Magical Butter.

Sometimes it seems like vegetable glycerine is in everything. Whether you know it or not, VG is probably part of your daily life, and usually, you should probably try and avoid it whenever possible.

While vegetable glycerine isn’t inherently harmful, it can be hard to know what’s in it, so it’s a good idea to find a type of vegetable glycerine that you know for sure is made with good ingredients.

My grandma used to say that there’s more than one way to skin a cat. She also said that she would turn every snapping turtle that she caught into an ash tray. I’m starting to think that my grandma was kind of into animal cruelty.

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Storing Your Vegetable Glycerine Tincture

The point is that you can do so many things with cannabis. You can smoke it, eat it, vape it, use it topically, put it in cannabis lube, or make a simple and handy tincture with it. Even if you decide on making a tincture, there’s a world of options. You can make honey tinctures, grain alcohol tinctures, and vegetable glycerine tinctures.

While VG is an excellent alternative to alcohol when it comes to making tinctures, its shelf life is much shorter. Vegetable glycerin will store for up to year, as opposed to alcohol, which can last three to four years. You can keep it in any glass container, but dropper bottles are inexpensive, portable and are an easy way to measure dosage on the go. I keep mine in the refrigerator door, labeled with a cannabis stamp and dosage info. Always remember to store your cannabis infused products out of reach for children, pets and unstable adults.

This vegetable glycerine tincture is an amazing way to use cannabis in a fast-acting, discreet and sweet formula that you can put in anything (can anyone say cannabis coffee?) and take with you anywhere (well, anywhere that it’s legal).

What is Vegetable Glycerine? Is it Safe to Eat?

Why? It’s usually made with genetically modified corn or soy leftovers from the industrial processing for things like biofuels. Sometimes it’s made from used cooking oils or low grade vegetable oils. Alternatively, it’s created using dubiously grown palm oil that is notorious for deforestation, unfair trade practices, and animal cruelty, among other things.

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Since it’s almost impossible to know exactly how any given bottle of conventional vegetable glycerine is produced, try to find a solid company that produces organic vegetable glycerine.