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Grab the recipe for a homemade cannabis-infused massage oil with options for infusing with both cannabis flowers and cannabis concentrates. Join the many people that use CBD-infused massage oil to get their daily dose of relaxation & CBD goodness. Discover how to make your own CBD massage oil here! CBD massage oil enhances the inherent benefits of receiving a massage. It’s not very likely, however, that the pre-formulated CBD massage oils available online will fit your exact needs. Not only does making your own CBD massage oil allow you to experiment with ingredients to your heart’s content, but it also ensures

DIY Cannabis Massage Oil with CBD or THC

Published: Apr 7, 2020 · Modified: Aug 3, 2022 by Emily Kyle · This post may contain affiliate links, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Discover the benefits of combining cannabis with massage therapy and learn how to make your own cannabis massage oil at home for topical application, complete with options multiple different infusion options.


  • Easy instructions for making a cannabis massage oil at home
  • Multiple different infusion options to choose from
  • Benefits of incorporating cannabis into massage to improve your quality of life

Why You Will Love This Recipe

What is the best way to upgrade a regular massage? With cannabis massage oil, of course!

Members of my Well With Cannabis Community love making their own high-quality cannabis products at home, and this massage oil is no different!

A simple infusion process can bring together the cannabinoids and the carrier oil to make an infused oil that can be used on the skin topically as a luxurious massage oil.

In this guide, I will show you how to make your own cannabis-infused massage oil at home with your choice of CBD or THC with your choice of flower, concentrates, store-bought oils and more.

Looking For More Support?

Join thousands of members inside my private Well With Cannabis Community to ask questions, find support, and share your edible creations!

Ingredient Notes

  • Cannabis – The active ingredient in this recipe. Choose an option from the alternate infusion option section below.
  • Additional ingredients – include healing herbs such as lavender, calendula, mint, and clove
  • Carrier oil – see options below

The following oils can be used as carrier oils in this recipe:

Note: a complete list of ingredients with amounts and printable instructions is located in the recipe card below.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • Step 1 – Preheat a water bath to 185° F. Various water bath techniques are explained in the notes section below.
  • Step 2 –Combine all ingredients together in a 16-ounce mason jar, wipe rim and finger tighten the lid.
  • Step 3 –Place the mason jar into the water bath and cook for 4 hours.
  • Step 4 –After 4 hours, remove the jar and allow to cool enough to handle. Strain the oil into a clean mason jar through a filter or cheesecloth.
  • Step 5 –Let the oil cool to room temperature, seal the mason jar, and store in a cool dark place until ready for use.

Note: complete step-by-step printable instructions are located in the recipe card below.

Storage Instructions

The shelf life of this cannabis oil will depend on how you made it and was other ingredients you added. Store the oil in a dark bottle, like an amber dropper bottle, in a cool, dark, day place. When stored properly, these oils can last a long time, several months or more.

Alternate Cannabis Infusion Options

For the recipe below, I infused the oil with dried cannabis flower buds and other medicinal herbs.

You can easily customize the fresh or dried herbs you want to use, depending on the experience you’re looking for.

Don’t forget, you can also decide whether you want a CBD massage oil or a THC massage oil, based on what flower or product you start with.

You can make your own CBD massage oil using CBD hemp flower, or a THC massage oil using traditional cannabis flower.

I will go over all of the possible infusion options below.


If you have access to stems, leaves, trim, or other forms of cannabis flower, they are perfect to use in this recipe.

You can also use kief to make a super potent massage oil, or already vaped bud for a less potent massage oil.

To use leaves, trim, or flower, follow the oil infusion procedure below.

Store-Bought Oils

One of the easiest ways to make homemade topical products is to use store-bought oil such as full-spectrum CBD oil or full spectrum THC oil.

It very easy to mix a store-bought oil in with traditional massage oil or another carrier oil of choice, and is a great way to control the mg of CBD or THC added.

To make your own massage oil with homemade CBD oil or store-bought CBD oil you already have, follow the recipe as is, minus the cannabis flower, and add the CBD product at the end of the infusion process.


If you live in a recreationally legal state or have a medical marijuana card, you can easily obtain cannabis concentrates from the dispensary or purchase CBD concentrate from my website.

Adding a concentrate to this recipe is very easy, all you need to do is combine the concentrate with the carrier oil of choice.

Note: you may need to warm your oil slightly to get them to combine.

Benefits of THC or CBD Massage Oil

As cannabis is increasingly popular in the health and wellness world, so does the desire to make these products at home with all natural ingredients.

Here are some of the benefits of cannabis massage oil, aside from just a great massage experience!


While it is not medical advice and has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) many anecdotal reports suggest that using cannabis-infused massage oil has the following potential benefits:

  • Relief sore muscles and muscle pain
  • Relieve joint pains
  • Provide pain relief for chronic pain and other conditions that require pain management
  • Bring relief to other serious medical condition
  • Soothe dry skin, itchy skin, and other skin conditions
  • Increase blood flow
  • Reduction of dependence on prescription medications
  • Potential antibacterial properties


A lot of what a customer pays for when buying store-bought oil or massage products is the branding factor of production.

You can easily cut costs by following the recipe here, you simply need to gather all the materials needed (typically at a more affordable price!).

By making your own oil at home, you can still enjoy the benefits of CBD oil or THC oil at a lower price, while also having full control over the other ingredients used.


Cannabis and hemp plants are bioaccumulators, meaning they can soak up large amounts of heavy metals and other unwanted compounds.

Without 3rd party lab testing, the gold standard in the industry, it is impossible to know what is in a store-bought product.

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That is why I have created this guide to help you choose a safe CBD product.

The best option for knowing what is in your cannabis oil to make it yourself.


One way to have complete control over the accessibility and potency of your product is by formulating it yourself.

Some of the best CBD massage oils are the ones that can be made at home.

As I always say cannabis is a self-experiment, and testing many different recipes will help you achieve your preferred potency.

Notes and Expert Tips

  • If you want to skip the floral infusion option, you could always add your own favorite blend of essential oils to the carrier oil
  • Ask your massage therapist if they are OK with the addition of CBD to your massage experience
  • Adding a bit of vitamin E oil is the perfect way to get additional anti-inflammatory properties
  • Add some of the homemade oil to hot towels and wrap them around your hands and feet for ultimate relaxation

Frequently Asked Questions

Making cannabis massage oil can be new to even the most seasoned cannabis consumer, so here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions I get about the process:

You will want to add your desired mg CBD or THC depending on your pwn personal tolerance.

Yes! You can add this massage oil to your daily routine in many different ways, from a simple temple massage to a full-blown deep tissue massage.

Will Cannabis Massage Oil Get Me High?

Putting cannabis on the skin is a great way to use cannabis for the first-time because it does not induce an intoxicating ‘high’ like inhaling or edibles.

it can, however, provide relief from various conditions by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors found within the endocannabinoid system.

A CBD oil massage or any topical CBD products will not get you or your massage clients ‘high’ or cause any intoxicating effects.

It is rare that THC oil applied directly to the skin to induce any psychoactive effects.

This is because cannabinoids cannot penetrate the skin deep enough to pass through the tough outer layer of the skin to reach the bloodstream.

Additionally, a case report published in Forensic Science International reports that it is not believed that topically applied cannabinoids like THC will show up in the bloodstream or urine for a drug test.

How to Determine The Dosing

Want to get a more accurate guesstimate of the potency of your cannabis infusions and extractions? Try our popular edibles calculator!

Not sure what your perfect dose is? Learn more here.

Want To Make This Easier? Use A Machine!

If the process of decarbing and infusing feels like too much work, an all-in-one countertop device may be a perfect all-in-one solution.

My personal favorites? The LEVO and Ardent FX, but you can review the most popular infusion machines here.

How to make CBD massage oil: A DIY project

A well-done massage anywhere on your body would leave you relieved and having a massage with CBD is a unique way of having your dose. You see, when you massage your body, it helps stimulate the pressure points which may help relax your muscles and rejuvenate your skin. The results are feeling better and having healthy skin as well.

While there are many massage oils you could use, many people report using CBD-infused massage oil to take their dosage. But you have to choose the right CBD massage oil to get the most out of your massage sessions.

Choosing the best CBD massage oil

If you intend to get quality massage sessions then you have to choose your massage oil carefully. CBD comes in a range of carrier oils and not all act the same for all skin types.

Therefore the first thing you should do is to determine what your skin type is. Knowing this makes it easier to pick the right carrier oil (base oil) for it. Here are some of the carrier oils you might encounter on the market.

Hemp seed oil: Hemp seed oil is an extract of the cannabis plant that’s commonly used as a carrier for CBD. It’s used in many skincare products. The only problem is that it has fatty acids that can be hydrating and plumping for some people.

MCT oil: This CBD carrier is one of the best oils out there. The acronym stands for medium-chain triglycerides. It mixes well with CBD oil and easily digests into the body.

Sunflower oil: Go for sunflower oil if your skin is sensitive to other types of oils. It’s good at soothing skin as it adds a natural barrier to your against irritating elements.

Grape seed oil: This oil is packed with vitamin E and easily absorbs through the skin. Generally a good CBD oil carrier for massage oils.

Avocado oil: If your skin is dry, avocado oil may make a great choice. But beware that this oil can significantly increase sebum production that’s bad for skin with acne issues.

Getting the right carrier oil makes the whole difference in how healthy your skin will appear.

Why use CBD massage oil?

It’s not by chance that CBD has taken over the wellness world. Those who have used it and enjoyed it spread the word to others. You might already have used CBD through ingestion and looking for a way to enjoy it further and that’s why you are considering a massage oil.

CBD is part of the ingredients of a lot of topical products including conditioners, shampoos, sunscreen, facial masks, joint and muscle rubs, moisturisers and now massage oil. When you use it on your skin, the massage oil absorbs into your system to interact with cannabinoid receptors to keep your body in balance.

With your CBD in the right carrier, say hemp oil, you get vitamins, minerals, and additional nutrients that are able to nourish your skin.

CBD massage oil recipe

Making your own CBD-infused massage oil is not a difficult process. As long as you have a quality CBD oil, you can source around for the other ingredients that are required. The important supplies you require for CBD massage oil include:

  • ¼ cup of your favourite carrier oil
  • CBD isolate in concentrate or liquid form
  • About 12 drops of several types of essential oil
  • Double boiler
  • ½ tablespoon of beeswax
  • A tinted glass container

Choosing your CBD oil

If you’ve been around CBD informational articles like this one for a while, you could be aware that CBD comes in three formats:

Often, isolate CBD comes in handy for massage oils because it doesn’t contain THC. It also dissolves well in carrier oils and has no smell, which allows the aromatic essential oils to have an effect. Still, there are people who prefer broad-spectrum CBD or full-spectrum CBD.

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As you might know, the profile of broad-spectrum CBD entails CBD plus all the other compounds present in the cannabis plant except THC (the intoxicating part). Full-spectrum CBD on the other hand has all the compounds including THC. However, this THC has to be 0.0% or below to be acceptable in the UK.

Depending on what you are looking for and your experience with CBD you can add CBD to your recipe as much as you need. Just keep in mind the serving in every drop of CBD oil will contain an equivalent of what is written on the label. If you add 1mg of CBD isolate that will be 1mg in your massage oil.

Choosing your essential oils

Well, you can use massage oil that only has CBD and a career oil but there’s a way to make your oil even better. And that’s by adding essential oil to it. They add aromatherapy and additional nutritional value to your recipe. The good news is that there are hundreds of essential oils you can choose from for your massage oil. Some of the common ones include:

  • Orange oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Bergamot oil
  • Juniper oil
  • Jasmine oil
  • Frankincense oil
  • Rose oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Sandalwood oil
  • Patchouli oil
  • Ylang ylang oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Cedarwood oil

While aromatherapy is the biggest thing you are looking for in your essential oils, there are additional benefits you get from them. For instance, an essential oil with a minty fragrance may help relax you. Also combining sweet orangy and patchouli elements may bring a sensual sensation. Try as many times as you need to get the perfect blend of essential oils for your needs.

The process of making your CBD massage oil

Get your double boiler and start heating it in low heat. Add your choice of carrier oil, your favourite essential oil plus the CBD oil or CBD isolate in it. Stir the ingredients gently and make sure they blend into each other.

Depending on the oil choices you make, your oil might be too thin. To make it become thicker with a consistency like that of a balm or salve, add your beeswax and continue stirring. Let it melt into your mixture as you blend it in. Add as much beeswax as you need to get the consistency you want. Albeit, some people love their oil thin. If this is you, then you can leave the beeswax out of your oil.

Remove your mixture away from the heat source and let it cool down for a few minutes. Take your tinted glass container and add the massage oil there for storage. If finding a glass is hard, get any container around (say a food storage container) and put it there.

To start using your CBD massage oil, shake it well. In case you used a base oil like coconut oil, it might have solidified already. So warm it a bit by dipping the glass container in water. Rubbing the oil in your palms may also make it thinner.

Because you have not added preservatives to your CBD oil, make sure you use it within three months. Otherwise, refrigerate it to make it last longer.

Who can use CBD massage oil?

Whether you are an athlete that’s looking for a way to soothe your muscles, an office guy with lower back strains, or a stay up mum that just wants to rest from a laborious day, CBD massage oil is a great way for you to relax whilst taking your dosage of CBD. All you need is to rub and massage it in a specific body area that needs relief and enjoy what it has to offer.

Final thought

CBD massage oil is something you can make at home as long as you know the ingredients required. This post shares a simple recipe that you can follow and enjoy relaxing massage sessions with it. You can try different base oils to see which one you prefer before you can settle on one. But make sure that you are buying good quality CBD oil or isolate from a reliable vendor for the best results.

How to Make CBD Massage Oil — 3 Options

CBD massage oil enhances the inherent benefits of receiving a massage . It’s not very likely, however, that the pre-formulated CBD massage oils available online will fit your exact needs.

Not only does making your own CBD massage oil allow you to experiment with ingredients to your heart’s content, but it also ensures the CBD massage oil you end up with is everything you hoped it would be. In this guide, learn three different ways you can make CBD massage oil at home, and find answers to common related questions.

What is CBD massage oil?

CBD massage oil is massage oil that has been infused with the non-intoxicating cannabinoid cannabidiol. As an oil-based substance, CBD extract is a natural fit for massage oil, but finding a CBD massage oil that works exactly the way you want it to can be something of a challenge.

Is CBD massage oil worth it?

According to people who have used it, CBD massage oil massively enhances the inherent benefits of using a topical oil during massage. Scientists have looked closely at the potential anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties of CBD, and many users swear that this cannabinoid helps with aches and pains felt in muscles and joints.

Many of the CBD massage oils you can find online, however, are needlessly overpriced while containing questionable ingredients. CBD massage oil is much more worth it if you make your own at home.

How do I put CBD in massage oil?

In most cases, adding CBD to massage oil is as simple as selecting an appropriate massage oil base and then thoroughly mixing in your choice of CBD extract. It takes a practiced hand, however, to produce a truly professional-grade CBD massage oil, so you may need to put in some practice before you master the art of producing a DIY CBD massage oil that delivers the exact results you’re looking for.

What types of CBD can I use in massage oil?

When formulating a DIY CBD massage oil, it is generally best to use a pure CBD extract, not a pre-formulated CBD tincture or topical. Out of the various types of CBD extracts that are available, full-spectrum and broad-spectrum options will offer the best results since they contain minor cannabinoids and offer the entourage effect .

Broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD also contain natural cannabis terpenes, which each offer individual benefits, contribute to the entourage effect, and impart pleasant aromas to CBD massage oil. For the best effects, use live resin terpenes that have been cryogenically extracted.

DIY CBD massage oil: 3 options

There are dozens of different ways to make a massage oil that’s infused with CBD, but for the purposes of this guide, we’ll stick to three excellent options that don’t require many ingredients or much expertise:

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1. CBD massage oil with arnica

Arnica is a natural ingredient that pairs well with CBD due to its naturally pain-relieving qualities. You don’t need to add much arnica to massage oil for this substance to be effective, so making a CBD arnica massage oil is a very convenient option:


  • 1 cup of a suitable carrier oil (sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, etc.)
  • 1 gram of CBD concentrate
  • 10-20 drops of arnica extract


  • Combine all of the ingredients in a mason jar
  • Shake until the ingredients combine thoroughly
  • Optional: Heat the CBD concentrate slightly on a stovetop to melt it before mixing

2. CBD massage oil with delta 8

You may want to make a DIY CBD massage oil that contains both CBD and delta 8, another hemp cannabinoid that’s available online. Recent research indicates that people commonly use delta 8 for pain relief , and adding delta 8 extract to CBD massage oil is a perfectly simple process:


  • 1 cup of a suitable carrier oil (sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, etc.)
  • ½ gram of CBD concentrate
  • ½ gram of delta 8 concentrate


  • Combine all of the ingredients in a mason jar
  • Shake until the ingredients combine thoroughly
  • Optional: Heat the CBD and delta 8 concentrates slightly on a stovetop to melt them before mixing

3. CBD massage oil with essential oils

Essential oils make any massage oil more aromatic and effective. Adding a few essential oils to your hemp massage oil will make it more pleasant to apply and may even enhance the benefits of CBD.


  • 1 cup of a suitable carrier oil (sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, etc.)
  • 1 gram of CBD concentrate
  • Around 20-30 drops of essential oils


  • Combine all of the ingredients in a mason jar
  • Shake until the ingredients combine thoroughly
  • Optional: Heat the CBD concentrate slightly on a stovetop to melt it before mixing

The bottom line: Should I make my own CBD massage oil?

If you’re on the hunt for a CBD massage oil that does exactly what you want it to do without containing unnecessary ingredients or being overpriced, formulating your own CBD massage oil at home is the only truly effective option at your disposal. Producers often charge more than they need to for CBD massage oil simply because it contains CBD, and your chances of finding a pre-formulated CBD massage oil that contains the exact ingredients you want it to are slim-to-none.

Since it’s easy to make CBD massage oil at home using simple ingredients you can buy online, there’s no reason you shouldn’t give this simple DIY project a shot if you’re truly serious about finding a CBD massage oil that checks all of your boxes. Acquire some excellent CBD extract, assemble the other ingredients you’ll need, and get started today.

Making CBD massage oil FAQ

It’s natural to have some questions if this is your first time making CBD massage oil at home. Check below for answers to this topic’s most frequently asked questions:

— What is a CBD massage like?

People who have experienced CBD massages generally report that receiving a massage infused with CBD feels much like receiving a normal massage except that they are often more relaxed at the end. As your massage therapist works CBD massage oil into your affected muscles and joints, this cannabinoid will pass through your skin and begin providing the benefits that make this non-intoxicating cannabinoid such a natural fit for massage oil.

— Will a CBD massage help with neck pain?

People who have received CBD massages often report experiencing profound relief — especially in common problem areas like the neck and back. If you’re currently suffering from neck pain and other approaches aren’t working, giving a CBD massage a shot is definitely a valid option.

— Can you use CBD oil as massage oil?

It is not generally recommended that you use CBD tincture — also known as CBD oil — as a massage oil by itself. CBD tincture is usually too thick to be useful as a massage oil, and it often contains additional ingredients that are not ideal for topical use. If you want to use a CBD tincture as a component of a CBD massage oil you make for yourself at home, make sure it contains simple ingredients and does not include any flavorings or coloring agents.

— How much does a CBD massage cost?

If you pay for a massage therapist to give you a CBD massage, it’s likely you’ll end up spending between $100 and $200. Making CBD massage oil at home, on the other hand, generally only costs around $30 – $60, dramatically reducing the price you pay to experience the benefits of CBD oil during a massage. Your CBD massage oil will also last for multiple sessions, increasing the value of this DIY project even more.

— Is CBD oil good for muscle knots?

Many users report that applying CBD topically helps relieve muscle knotting and other forms of muscle tension. Out of all the different ways you can apply CBD topically, using CBD massage oil may be the most ideal option due to its improved absorption and the hands-on method by which it is administered.

— Can you get high from CBD massage oil?

No, it is not possible to get high from CBD massage oil. First of all, applying CBD topically does not allow this cannabinoid to reach your central nervous system, and even if it did, CBD is inherently non-intoxicating — it doesn’t get you high no matter how you use it. As a result, accidental intoxication should be nowhere near your list of concerns when trying CBD massage oil for the first time.

— How do you use CBD massage oil in bed?

If you plan to use CBD massage oil in bed, it’s important to avoid getting any oil on your sheets. The best way to achieve this goal is to place multiple overlapping towels under the person who is going to receive the massage. You can also try folding up a sheet and placing it on top of your normal bedding, but towels will do a better job of absorbing CBD massage oil and preventing it from penetrating through to your bedding.

— Can I make my own CBD lube?

CBD lube is similar to CBD massage oil in certain ways, but when formulating CBD lube, it is much more important to produce a product that entirely prevents friction without allowing any potentially dangerous ingredients inside your body. As a result, you may want to leave the formulation of this particular type of CBD product to the professionals.

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