how to make cbd wax

How to make cbd wax

Homemade edibles have always been made the old fashioned way – with cannabis flower or trim. The green tint and strong flavor in cannabis-infused butter is a result of of this process.

Decarboxylating Concentrates

But you can also use concentrates like wax, shatter, live resin, etc to make homemade edibles, and using concentrates instead of flowers makes the process much easier because you only infusing, not extracting. You don’t have to strain plant matter out of butter or olive oil, and when you use a concentrate instead of flower, the melted, decarboxylated concentrate can be mixed directly into anything you want.

Tips for making edibles with concentrates

3. Concentrates are STICKY. If you have a hard time getting it from the oven to your batter, add a tablespoon of butter or oil to the concentrate before you put it in the oven to decarb. The melted fat will help you transfer the concentrate and prevent it from sticking to bowls and spatulas.

How to make cbd wax

7) Separate the bud from the alcohol by pouring through a mesh screen.

If you were a weed wax pro, you’d make your product through butane extraction. “What is butane extraction?” you ask. Here’s the skinny.

Alcohol Extraction

The most common way to use dabs is in — wait for it — a dab rig! Whether you’ve got wax, shatter, budder, or some other form of concentrate, you can smoke it in a special bong designed specifically for extracts.

Learning how to make dabs in this way is easy to do but requires a bit more time, patience, and elbow grease than other extraction methods. Keep at it and you’ll soon be dabbing your way into recreational or medicinal bliss.

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So What’s The Big Deal?

3) Quality In Equals Quality Out