how to take cbd pm

How to take cbd pm

Nancy S. My sleep has improved since I started taking this sofgel.

Kristin V. This really helped for my insomnia and anxiety. I take it right before bed and sleep mostly through the night. And I don’t feel groggy in the morning.

Kyle R. I take Procana CBD PM + Melatonin 15mg CBD plus 3mg Melatonin soft gels for sleep apnea. I must report that I get phenomenal deep sleep. I awake in the morning with the energy I need to take on the day due to the strong relaxation effects of the CBD! I used to only take another brand Melatonin at night but I recently learned from my doctor that too much Melatonin disrupts the brain’s sleep physiological makeup and can lead to unwanted side effects such as vivid nightmares and morning grogginess. Since switching entirely to Procana’s CBD products, I can report no nightmare side effects and no grogginess while taking nightly! I finally found a product with the health benefits I need to sleep! I wholeheartedly believe in powers of CBD and stand behind Procana. They’ve earned my highest recommendation.

CBD PM Night-Time Softgels Reviews

Diane P. I have been taking CBD PM + Melatonin for about two weeks now. It has helped me to get to sleep and stay asleep much better than other products I have tried. I take it about 30 minutes before bed.

Anne P. I have rheumatoid arthritis and have trouble sleeping due to pain, anxiety and depression. this product has helped tremendously to the point I have been able to reduce my depression and anxiety medication! Hooray !!

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Barbara F. I replaced a good sized gel cap of 15 mg of CBD from another company plus another tablet of melatonin for 1 gel cap from Procana for sleep. It is helpful because I take so many medications before bed that the old CBD cap gave me indigestion right when I was trying to get to sleep. This has been an improvement. I would recommend Procana products and have taken their 8 mg gel cap every morning for quite some time.

Michael . Great product

How to take cbd pm

But CBD’s not the only ingredient in this tincture! There’s also some melatonin (a hormone that helps regulate the sleep/wake cycle) as well as a proprietary blend of chamomile flower, valerian root, cascade hops, passion fruit, and lemon balm. These natural ingredients have long been sought out for their anxiety-reducing properties, and their combined flavor profile (aided by a bit of mint) helps to mask the naturally earthy taste of CBD.

To find out, I tested the oil myself and I’ve gotta say, I was pretty surprised by how it affected my slumber. So… was it good? Bad? Awful? Magical? Well, you’ll just have to keep on reading to find out!

Note: The content on Sleepopolis is meant to be informative in nature, but it shouldn’t be taken as medical advice, and it shouldn’t take the place of medical advice and supervision from a trained professional. Please talk to your healthcare professional before beginning any new supplement routine. If you feel you may be suffering from any sleep disorder or medical condition, please see your healthcare provider immediately.

The kind folks over at cbdMD sent us a ton of these different products, many of which I was lucky enough to personally test. But for the purpose of this review, I decided to focus mainly on the brand’s special CBD PM tincture.

Brand Snapshot

There hasn’t been too much research done into the side effects of CBD, but the studies that do exist support it as a safe and well-tolerated compound. A comprehensive survey conducted in 2011, which aggregated results from numerous studies, showed CBD to be non-toxic, and safe in doses up to 1500 milligrams per day. (1) A 2017 study which sought to add new data to that survey further found that not only was CBD safe for chronic, long-term use, but that it had a better side effect profile than other drugs when treating certain medical conditions, like epilepsy or psychotic disorders. (2)

But unlike THC, CBD isn’t psychoactive. I repeat: CBD does not trigger hallucinations or intoxication. It’s most commonly contained within gummies, oils, and creams to treat everything from loss of appetite to joint pain, anxiety and, yes, even poor sleep. I should also add that it’s totally legal to purchase and sell hemp-derived CBD in all 50 states.

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at the CBD PM tincture from cbdMD. Packed with all-natural CBD oil and melatonin, this product is designed to send even the most restless sleepers straight off to dreamland. But does it like… actually work?


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