korean bbq in cbd

Korean bbq in cbd

Korean barbecue has made quite the splash, a cuisine dear to many Melburnians hearts and for very good reasons. The flavour-packed dining experience of K-BBQ is a sight to behold; with sizzling plates of char-grilled meats accompanied with sauces, salads, and sides, it's a hard one to pass up.


Bonchon is the hottest new Korean BBQ place on the scene with crispy fried chicken is their specialty. The made-to-order chicken is the hero and they've covered all bases with options from chicken wings to drumsticks and boneless wings. Bonchon’s signature double-frying method is down to a fine art and has customers hooked from the first bite.

Mrs Kim’s Grill

Hwaro is a place you go if you’re just looking for great food and nothing pretentious. Touted as one of the best Korean barbecue restaurants in Melbourne the ambience here is completely laid-back and ever so comfortable. You’re going to have to make a booking though; it can get pretty packed in peak hour. Here you’re not getting clumsy slabs of meat being chucked onto the grill; each dish is a delicate delight that uses the highest quality ingredients. The service here is also very prompt, which is what you want in a Korean barbeque spot. Try the chilli pork belly or the marinated Gal-bi beef ribs. If you’re feeling game, try the thinly cut ox tongue—it's well worth getting out of your comfort zone for.

Korean bbq in cbd

Last updated on Thu 2 Dec 2021

Can’t resist that smoky, meaty treat? These Korean grills will cure your cravings.

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There’s a cheerful vibe at BBQ Brothers 10. Starting with cute set names like Grand Papa (for five hungry diners) and Baby Brother (for couples). Order juicy slices of grilled pork and beef, or make a meal of the side dishes alone. Maybe seafood stew, kimchi pancake or sausage and rice-cake skewers.

Sam Sam

BBQ Brothers 10

Unlike most other Korean barbecue spots, QV’s Sura is open for lunch daily. Service is quick, the atmosphere’s lively and sets for two are good value. To wow your tastebuds with soy, garlic, spice and miso, share a five-flavour pork skirt set. Enjoy with a glass of chestnut-flavoured makgeolli rice wine.

Popular Korean street food chain with 700 stores globally.

Paik’s BBQ

The modern decor is minimalist concrete at Mansae, but the focus is on fun. As the neon sign says, go beer or go home. So go ahead, select soy-marinated galbi beef ribs from your tabletop gas-fired charcoal grill. Pair with house-made dipping sauces and Asahi. Or better yet, a peach soju cocktail.

For a well-priced set, head to cafe-style Woodo. See if you can squeeze in soup, rice, side dishes, salad, vegetables and your choice of Wagyu, beef and/or pork. Or unbuckle your belt to take on the banquet, adding gyozas, pancakes and hotpot. Finish with sesame ice cream, and heave a satisfied sigh.