kosher cbd oil

Kosher cbd oil

Also, they offer a range of other products in addition to their kosher CBD oils. For instance, they offer pre-measured CBD capsules which you can swallow whole with a sip of water. They also have a reputable line of CBD skin products, including CBD sunscreen. Check out their official website to browse their entire range — you’ll probably be impressed by what they’ve got available.

CiiTECH works out of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In fact, they are currently sponsoring two clinical trials on the use of CBD for obesity and asthma. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is home to some of the most advanced cannabis-based research in the world. In fact, it is home to the “father of modern cannabis” himself, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam.

Given their close affiliation with Israel and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, it makes sense that Provacan would be one of the first companies to take the appropriate steps in gaining legitimate certification for a kosher CBD oil.

That is, until now.

Kosher CBD oil: What it is, and where to buy it

If you’ve ever searched ‘where can I buy kosher CBD oil,’ we’ll assume you’re familiar with the term ‘kosher.’ For everyone else, let us explain.

Most marketing labels hemp (and its CBD extracts ) as food and nutrition supplements. With this in mind, it makes sense for there to be a demand for high-quality kosher CBD oils.

In this article, we discuss what exactly kosher CBD oil is, how it’s made , and where you can get it – no matter where you live. Enjoy.

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What about other non-kosher foods?

By most interpretations, kosher food falls into three broad categories: meats, dairy, and pareve. Since cannabis is neither meat nor dairy, one would correctly assume that CBD hemp oil falls under the category ‘pareve.’ Pareve just refers to something that is neither meat nor fish.

As is typical of any emerging market, the CBD industry is finding all sorts of exciting ways to market hemp extracts. While CBD oils (with their perceived medical benefits ) continue to dominate the market, there are other products to choose from. CBD pills , CBD edibles , and CBD topical lotions are all increasing in popularity.

Kosher cbd oil

If you’re wondering ‘is CBD oil kosher’, in most cases, it already is. However, without a proper inspection performed by a Kosher authority, there is no way of knowing if the CBD is 100% kosher. For example, it’s possible that equipment used in creating the CBD oil may have come into contact with animal byproducts that don’t meet kosher standards, ultimately compromising the CBD’s kosher status.

For example, Neurogan CBD is Kosher certified by OK Kosher, a leading Kosher foods authority dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of kosher law for food manufacturers.

Why does CBD oil need to be Kosher certified?

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Why would you make Kosher CBD oil?

Whereas most CBD companies don’t provide Kosher CBD options, we feel that a kosher certification is integral to making sure that a wide audience can have access to CBD while still staying true to their religious faith.

Kosher cbd oil

Kosher certification does not concern itself with how or where the Hemp is farmed.

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This because, the inclusion of the former more sensitive ingredients (from a Kosher perspective) requires more inspections to be conducted to insure that the kosher approved suppliers verified at the initiation of the Kosher certification program are still reliably being sourced from.

The Process of Kosher Certification

In general, Bottling & Packaging takes place either at the point of Extraction or at the point of Product manufacture.