laura fuentes cbd

Laura fuentes cbd

Laura Baldwin Fuentes, RPh (center) is an exceptional entrepreneur and advocate for cannabis research. Co-founder of the award-winning CBD company Green Roads, she has been a pioneer in the industry for both medical professionals and female entrepreneurs alike.

Before co-founding Green Roads in 2013 with her business partner Arby Barroso, Laura Fuentes practiced as a licensed pharmacist for over 25 years. She graduated from Nova Southeastern University and served as a compound pharmacist in her local community. Laura was also a board member of the Broward County Pharmacy Association before making the leap into owning her own business. Her experience in the field of pharmacy and reputation in the community is what led Arby Barroso to seek her advice and help in founding Green Roads.

Laura and Arby met because he was a customer at her pharmacy. Arby knew very little about compound pharmaceuticals, and came to her with questions about CBD as an alternative to traditional medications. Laura knew little about the cannabinoid, but together they did their research and began formulating CBD products to sell locally. They bootstrapped what they could in the beginning, then received a small investment from a silent partner to help them get off the ground floor. It wasn’t long before Green Roads became a nationally recognized brand.

And you wouldn’t put vitamin D on a hamburger, would you?

Fuentes believes this is a mistake, and she uses vitamin D as an example of why it’s a less efficient delivery system. “If you are deficient in vitamin D, you supplement with a vitamin. We make our own CBD-type chemicals in our body. And if we’re not making enough, then we have to bring it in from the outside source. So we bring it in from the plant, just like vitamin D.”

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Where the CBD is grown

CBD isolate products contain only CBD and no other cannabinoids, making them another safer choice. The only way an isolate product would trigger a positive drug test result is if the test is searching for cannabinoids in general (and not just THC).

Your CBD Lab Results May Be Lying to You

Because CBD can impact how drugs are metabolized, the concurrent use of CBD and specific drugs may increase or decrease the amount of the drug in your body, leading to serious dosage concerns. For example, Fuentes explains that certain seizure medications like clobazam are of particular concern, as are certain blood thinners. Research has shown that combining CBD with the blood thinner warfarin can increase a patient’s bleeding risk, particularly at higher doses.