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It really helped with my anxiety. The taste is wonderful too! I usually have bad night terrors, and now I can sleep without any terrible dreams! Thank you so much MedixCBD.

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100% Honest Review. I have been dealing with severe anxiety for about 4 years, he thought of taking meds for anxiety makes my anxiety worse. I am all about Natural things. I finally decided to buy some sour gummy worms from this site 1 pack of 10 what’s the worst that could happen.. they came in I was a nervous wreck, I ate dinner and starting at the bottle I decided to chew 1 gummy worm.. within 30 minutes I felt this sensation that I cant describe other than I was relaxed for the first time in about 4 years. I Went to sleep that night and that was the best deep sleep I have had in several years, I started taking 1 a night I used the 10 pack, i then ordered a 30 count bottle.. i am now taking 2 per day because i am 5″11 and 200 lbs, but I can actually function in life again, I can focus on other things instead of focusing on the anxiety..and I am greatful for Medix and the other that provide CBD.

Logan Reed – February 20, 2018

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My friend recommended I try Medix gummies. They are really delicious and help

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