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Not Pot emerged into the CBD gummy space a couple of years ago with an important mission: support those who are incarcerated for marijuana-related charges. We've created a new approach to wellness—one that's safe, effective, and serious fun. Meet the everyday essentials designed to grow with you. Despite our relentless smack talk about Not Pot, we do love their CBD sleep gummies.

Not Pot Original CBD Gummies review

Adorkable & vegan CBD gummies with a social mission, these make a great beginner gummy.

With a solid dose of 20mg of CBD per gummy, these definitely do the trick.

This is a delicious, earthy strawberry. (But they used to offer much more interesting flavors, like pickle and champagne!)

Comparable to other brands like Highline Wellness, Not Pot is definitely one the more affordable end of the CBD gummy spectrum.

Full Review

We personally try and independently review every product featured on this site.

You can learn more about our review process here! We may receive commissions on purchases made from some links.

Not Pot emerged into the CBD gummy space a couple of years ago with an important mission: de-stigmatize Cannabis and support those who are incarcerated for marijuana-related charges. Charges that disproportionately affect minority and marginalized communities.

We particularly love that every month they help pay someone’s bail through their Not Pot Bail Fund.

Combined with that important mission, Not Pot brought twee and fun branding into the equation, branding that incorporated a whimsical throwback psychedelia aesthetic and (now discontinued) experimental flavors like Pickle and Champagne. (Bring these back!)

But recently they pivoted and rebranded with lots of Anime and vaguely 60’s or 80’s retro photo kitsch that careens between camp and confusing. And now… Mermaidcore?

We get that they’re pushing their CBD bath bombs, but the relentless Under-the-Sea messaging leaves us wondering if they’re for actual merfolk. Our hunch is that the Gen Z Adorkable moment has come for Not Pot.

Beyond that, they’ve now stripped down to two gummy essentials: An original CBD gummy and a CBD + Melatonin gummy. And no more wild flavors : they’ve pared it down to the accessible Strawberry and the familiar Blueberry, respectively.

And while they were throwing out the Pickle and the Champagne gummies, they developed a gaggle of Not Pot products as well. Perusing their website, we noted they now have more merch than CBD offerings.

We’re not privy to their brand strategy meetings, so we don’t quite get the calculus here. But the merch is cute, so there’s that.

But let’s go ahead and take a bite, and chew on what we all came here for: Cannabidiol Glory!

How do these taste? And more importantly, are Not Pot gummies effective?

Tasting Notes

This is a dank, earthy strawberry, there’s a bitterness to this that captures the bite of a tart strawberry. A vegetal quality of dirt still on the berry. We’re sure the CBD lends itself to the flavor here, and it’s a winning combination of sweetness and earthiness. These are delicious.

These are made with pectin and tapioca (so they’re vegan!), which gives them a really satisfying chewiness, without being rubbery like gelatin-based gummies can be sometimes.


We love the subtle, but palpable effects of these gummies. They give us a distinct chill that aids us as we go through our days without some pesky downer monologue.

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These are definitely a noticeable vibe, more than say Lord Jones, which is so light we thought it was mostly a gelatin pillow. No, this bitter berry is a CBD mood and it’s a good one.

The Not Pot Original Gummies have 20 mg of CBD, which is a solid dose and pretty in line with most other gummies out there.

If you’re new to CBD and want to just dip your toe in, Highline Wellness’ CBD Anytime Gummy has a light, 10mg dose.

Ingredients and GMP Certification

Obviously we love a gummy around these parts, but we love even more when we know what’s in it.

As part of our due diligence to explore every aspect of the gummies we put on this site, we often reach out to brands with questions about ingredients, methods, clarifications on labeling, etc.

Fun fact: We reached out to Smarty Pants about why sheep’s wool was involved with Vitamin D3, and it turned out one of Gummy Girl’s IRL friends works there now and was wondering who would ask such a nerdy question. lol, we would.

And in particular with CBD brands (because let’s be honest– the scene is exploding), we like to find out specifics about how rigorous their standards are.

We’ve poked around the Not Pot website, and can’t find any information about their extraction process, though the website claims that it is “minimally invasive” and “slooow.” They do state that their hemp is “sustainably sourced” and USA grown, and they do have lab reports available for each batch of gummies.

If you’re not familiar with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), it’s a designation given to companies by the FDA that involved an independent third party evaluating and verifying quality and best practices for products that a consumer would not be able to verify themselves.

Because CBD is a brave and relatively new and unregulated world, a GMP certification helps separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak when it comes to getting CBD you can trust. Companies like Highline Wellness, Verma Farms and Charlotte’s Web are all GMP certified.

We reached out (twice!) to Not Pot with the following questions:

Are Not Pot gummies GMP certified/manufactured in a GMP processing facility?
Where is your hemp sourced from?
Can you tell us more about your extraction processes and methods?

Sadly, we never heard back from them.

UPDATE: We finally heard back from Not Pot! Huzzah! They confirmed that their manufacturers are GMP certified and had this to say about their extraction process:

“We’re proud to partner with family-run, organic farms that sustainably grow hemp in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill. And our phytocannabinoid extraction process is minimally invasive, in order to preserve the integrity and natural healing properties of the cannabis plant.”

So that doesn’t totally clarify the extraction method, but there ya go.


At the end of the day, we like these gummies a lot, and consider them accessible and affordable for those new to the CBD gummy world.

And we are so glad we finally heard back from them re: their GMP certification!

Not Pot CBD Gummies

Well, kind of. Traditional cannabis brands didn’t reflect our values and needs, so we made one that did.

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Do the Right Thing

We’re not a perfect company (not even close!), but we try to do the right thing, even when it’s hard. That means putting people before profit and honoring Mother Nature.

4000+ 5-Star Reviews

We make products that work. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to the 4,000 (and counting!) people who’ve left 5-star reviews. They’re saying things like “it takes the edge off” and “I now sleep like a baby” and “I even got my mom hooked”.

Conscious Cannabis

We’re proud to partner with family-run, organic USA farms that sustainably (and legally!) grow hemp in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill. Yee-haw!

Free Plants And People

Our mission is to #FreePlantsandPeople. We’re grateful to work with incredible partners in an effort to destigmatize cannabis and support criminal justice reform on a national scale.


Say hi to (and shop) our besties, aka our best sellers. They’re loved by Not Pot heads across the land – and soon, they’ll be your best buds too!

Not Pot Sleep CBD Gummies review

While we find Not Pot’s aesthetic a bit much & they ignored our emails forever, we can’t deny that these are one of the best CBD sleep gummies that we’ve tried.

20 mg of CBD + 3 mg of melatonin seems to be our exact sweet spot for sweet dreams without any morning grogginess.

Simple but delicious blueberry with a hint of vegetal hemp. We love the flavor of these.

At $35 per bottle, these are similarly priced to brands like Highline Wellness and are one of the more affordable CBD gummy options out there.

Full Review

We personally try and independently review every product featured on this site.

You can learn more about our review process here! We may receive commissions on purchases made from some links.

We wager there’s more sleep gummies on this site than any other type of gummy, and that’s because we love ourselves some melatonin, and even devoted an entire blog to pondering its finer qualities.

(Honestly, it’s a molecule worth reading about it if you haven’t yet. You definitely want to use it mindfully!)

But what’s better than a melatonin gummy? Why, a melatonin + CBD gummy, of course.

Not Pot

Today the brand in question is Not Pot, an adorkably marketed, cannabis-for-the-cool-kids brand that we are not quite enchanted by for whatever reason. Maybe it’s just us?

We get “Photo ID” stuck in our head every time we see one of their Insta posts, the quirky Gen Z aesthetic an assault on our aging Millennial eyeballs. Plus, their effortful attempts to spin “weed dealing” as creating a CBD-gummy-peddling social media profile is just a lot for us. No, we don’t want a Not Pot “dealer”, but thanks.

Not Pot does have some genuinely cool components of their company, like paying bail money for those impacted by marijuana charges.

Also, a few days ago they sent out an email titled “Let’s talk about representation”, and we learned that they are Asian and Asian-American owned and operated! We always love to support our AAPI friends in the Gummy Galaxy.

In fact, in honor of AAPI Heritage month, Not Pot will donate 100% of the proceeds from sales of their Anime Sleep Mask to the Asian-American Arts Alliance. Good sleep and a good cause? We love to see it.

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And well, we can’t think of anything that would go better with a sleep mask than this CBD Sleep Gummy.

But months ago, we reached out to Not Pot with some questions about their extraction & manufacturing methods, like: do they use GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified facilities? Kind of important in the wild west of largely unregulated CBD supplements.

UPDATE: We finally heard back from Not Pot and they confirmed that their gummies are GMP Certified. We can finally sleep well at night knowing our CBD gummies are manufactured in safe hands.


First and foremost, we love that these are vegan gummies, so they’re made with pectin, not gelatin.

And now for the good stuff: one gummy contains 20 mg of hemp extract (CBD) and 3 mg of Melatonin.

That’s a dream dosage in our opinion, and here’s why:

We have two other fave CBD sleep gummies, Highline Wellness and Charlotte’s Web. But one gummy of either of those only contains 10 mg of CBD. You can take two gummies to match Not Pot’s 20 mg of CBD, but Highline Wellness’s gummies contain 5 mg of melatonin in one gummy, which would mean 10 mg total: too much for us! Charlotte’s Web contains 3 mg per two gummies, so two Charlotte’s Web Sleep gummies equals one Not Pot gummy.

Basically, we just really love that with one gummy you get the perfect amount of melatonin with 20 mg of CBD. It’s some Goldilocks sh*t right there.

P.S. we also adore Garden of Life’s CBD + Valerian gummy if you’re not entirely sold on the melatonin thing, and you can read about why we like Valerian so much in our Garden of Life Sleep review. (CBD + Valerian review coming soon!)


Honestly this is exactly the kind of effectiveness we look for in a melatonin gummy. Palpable relaxation within an hour of taking it, no groggy headaches in the morning. What’s the point of taking a sleep aid if you’re too groggy to function in the morning?

We think the 3 mg of melatonin is a great dose. 5+ mg is a ticket for morning fog, in our experience, and other gummies that have 0.3 mg like Bedtime Beauty are a big Why Even Bother moment.

Tasting Notes

For just a basic blueberry flavor, these are notably delicious. The juicy, rich berry flavor gives us that airy yet earthy Waterloo Blueberry vibes.

And the slightly bitter, herbal hemp extract cuts through the sweetness, giving these gummies a nice balance of fruity and dank.

Final Thoughts

Despite our relentless smack talk about Not Pot’s cheeky branding, we do love these gummies.

The flavor is great, and the 20 mg CBD + 5 mg Melatonin in just one gummy is *chefs kiss*.

Especially considering that they recently dropped their price from $40 per bottle to $35, bringing them in line with (or better than) comparable CBD sleep gummies.

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