rawsome cbd infused mct oil

Rawsome cbd infused mct oil

Rawsome continues to bottle its products in Fort Worth using organic CBD oil purchased from Colorado. In addition to its brick-and-mortar, the company also sets up a weekly stall at the Sunday HOPE Farmers Market on East Fifth Street.

A buzzy new shop has quietly opened on Austin’s east side. Rawsome, a family-owned mini-chain selling handcrafted cannabinoid — or CBD — oil just rolled out at 1210 Rosewood Ave.

After finding success in Fort Worth with the launch of its first store in 2017, Rawsome set its sites on the Capital City for its second location, which officially opened on March 17. Before setting up shop, co-founders Andrew Clarkson and his mother, Lori Thomson, turned to Andre to open the Austin locale. “Lori and I have been friends since seventh grade, so that makes me as good as family,” says Andre.

Though the product has been available to Austinites at stores around the city, Rawsome is the first store dedicated solely to CBD oil. “What we offer is a quiet learning environment and our missions: only two ingredients, which are certified organic and wholesale pricing for everyone,” Rawsome’s Gina Andres tells CultureMap.

Rawsome’s 100-percent organic, small-batch CBD oil is available in “Essential Strength,” “Performance Strength,” and “Extra Strength,” as well as higher concentrate options.

CBD oil is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis plants. Unlike marijuana, which has high levels of THC (the chemical compound that gets users high), CBD oil usually carries less than 1 percent. As a result, CBD oil is used to treat everything from insomnia to seizures to arthritis without the psychoactive side effects. (Oh, and it’s legal.)

Rawsome is now open Tuesday-Thursday from 11 am-7 pm and Friday-Saturday from 9 am-5 pm.

Rawsome cbd infused mct oil

The staff at Peoples Rx receive regular training on the products they sell, ensuring they can help each customer identify the right product.

Another local purveyor of CBD-infused goods is Bee Delightful, the creator of Canna Bees honey. Co-founder Seth Nyer is quick to ease concerns about any addictive or harmful qualities CBD may possess. “In 2017, the World Health Organization deemed that CBD does not appear to have abuse potential or cause harm, so at the very least it is harmless,” he says.

Their portfolio is simple. They carry four droppers of CBD-infused MCT oil at varying strengths: Essential, Performance, Extra Strength and Super Concentrate. Each formula caters to individual needs, from mild pain or anxiety to insomnia, MS, cystic fibrosis, intense chronic pain and even cancer.

Those desiring even more CBD knowledge can turn to Peoples Rx, the beloved local pharmacy that has been on the frontier of introducing CBD in Austin. They have a dozen different CBD products on their shelves in a range of dosages and formats, from honey, lozenges and chocolates to oils, balms and salves.

Nyer explains that this is not just for show. “Our organs love raw honey, and there is an entourage effect when you pair the two together.” Honey, he claims, is as friendly as possible to our bodies, is easier for moms to give to kids and is more inconspicuous to take. “It’s as simple as a spoonful of honey.”

Preston Day is the head chef in charge of creating their CBD-infused nourishment. To celebrate reaching their goal of rescuing one million bees in their first year, the team held a lavish dinner party where Day prepared six courses of gourmet, CBD-infused dishes, piloting a program they call Cooking with Canna Bees.

Many people, like this local family, are turning to CBD with fervent hope that it may be the long-awaited solution for issues like suffering from chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and a laundry list of conditions.

Customers can also be assured that Peoples Rx is sourcing high-quality CBD. “We have undergone extensive testing and only accept companies that can provide a Certificate of Analysis detailing the amount of THC and the sourcing of their CBD,” explains Lindsey Wilder Flatt, a wellness specialist for Peoples Rx and an acupuncturist in training.

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