rix mix cbd oil

Rix mix cbd oil

The Rix Mix has an eye dropper for dispensing the oil, which is the most common method for CBD oils. The fact that it is common doesn’t mean we like it, but we have learned to deal with pre-measuring our dosage and avoiding messy drips. If that’s the worst gripe we have about a product, that’s not bad! The citrus flavoring provides a nice aroma, and the oil is light, so that the delivery is pleasant enough.

For a CBD oil, this is a decent tasting one. You will still get the typical taste of hemp, but there is a strong citrus flavoring that dominates the hemp taste. We were left with an aftertaste that wasn’t terrible, but that lingered longer than one would hope. Relative to other CBD oils, this was not the smoothest we’ve tried.

Now, we start to pick up steam with our review. This mid-range, 750 mg full-spectrum oil provides about 50 mg of CBD in a full dropper, so it’s easy to get a good dosage range without having to take multiple droppers-full. The strong taste we noted above is probably the result of the full-spectrum range of terpenes, cannabinoids, etc. that give this oil its potency.

Delivery (8.0 out of 10)

Some CBD companies like a flashy look, and some are no-nonsense. CBD Drip comes across as a no-nonsense manufacturer that puts out a variety of products and a collection of excellent CBD articles in their blog. Our reviewers wanted to try something representative of the product line, and we selected something in their mid-range of potency, the 750 mg Rix Mix. The Rix Mix products are a full-spectrum, whole plant bulk concentrate. Rix Mix can be taken sub-lingually (under the tongue), added to an E-liquid, or vaped alone. Our reviewers used only the sub-lingual method. As an added benefit, there is CBD dosage information printed on the bottle.

With the Rix Mix 750 from CBD Drips, we felt the soothing, stabilizing effect that we have come to expect from a good CBD oil. The difference in this review is that, for the first time in our reviews, we added a reviewer with chronic pain due to rheumatoid arthritis. The results were dramatic for that individual. After two weeks of a daily regimen, the reviewer noted her pain was substantially lessened, and her quality of life improved as a result. This CBD product definitely lived up to the pain-reducing claims that we hear so often. Note: We recognize that this is an aspect of CBD that we have not used in our reviews of other products, which only considered mood, focus, and sleep. To keep our reviews consistent, we minimized the pain relief aspect in our rating and stayed with the same metrics we have used for all products. We mention it here just as a confirmation of the pain-relief claims that are made for CBD.

Taste (7.3 out of 10)


Rix Mix 750 is priced in the middle of the normal range that we expect, coming in around $.13 per milligram. So, nothing to complain about there, and plenty to be satisfied about considering the effect we saw from this CBD Drip offering.

Rix mix cbd oil

Similar to any functional supplement, effectiveness is directly correlated with dose.

Type of CBD (12 Points)

CBD per mL (5 Points)

There are a number of points allocated for various quality categories, including Organic certification, USA-sourced, Non-GMO, and others.

Rating based on whether the CBD is Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum, Isolate, or Hemp Oil.

Cost per mg CBD (10 Points)

Extraction Method (3 Points)

A 500 mg, CO2-extracted, full spectrum CBD oil from CBD Drip. This product is third-party tested with an ISO-certified lab.

Whether or not the company has provided a certificate of analysis, and if so, the extent of the certificate.