shavasana cbd

Shavasana cbd

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Shavasana cbd

The Savasana is a pose of total relaxation, making it one of the most challenging poses in yoga.

CBD can help you find your Shavasana

By switching to CBD after a difficult class, you can recover faster by fighting inflammation with CBD, reducing pain and relieving tightness in your muscles. (Pro tip: Try adding a CBD bath bomb or salt to your hot tub and you’ll feel better in no time.) Plus, CBD can help you sleep better at night after yoga, which is crucial for muscle recovery. Then you will be ready for the next yoga training in a few days.

CBD can help get rid of aches and pains

As it turns out, CBD and yoga can be a harmonious combination. From putting you in the right mindset for practice and meditation to helping your sore muscles heal through too many yogi pushups, this is why CBD can be your new trusted go-to.

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