shopify payment gateway cbd

Shopify payment gateway cbd

In Canada, the restrictions for CBD are a bit different, and the process may not apply. However, there are more opportunities for getting a cannabis merchant account in Canada according to the legal regulations.

You’ll want to find a third party gateway like PayKings who can provide the high risk account you’ll be needing. CBD is categorized as high risk because of the above mentioned legal stipulations, additionally, banks who support your account don’t want to have the risk of bad brand association when it comes to products in this vertical.

In order to process credit cards online, you’ll need to find a solution that allows you to operate as a Shopify CBD business. Shopify Payments is a payment processor, but it does not currently allow CBD businesses to use its payment gateway. However, there are many alternatives to this service.

Most startups however don’t have the time or financial resources to iron out the specifics on a high level. Moreover, the most important information about the sale and restriction of CBD and hemp-related products is online. We recommend you search for both federal and state regulations for your exact products and explore the standards for shipping, sales, and distribution in your area.

How to apply for a CBD merchant Account

Now that you’ve done your research, you’ll need to look into the Shopify CBD policy. If you don’t follow the policy closely Shopify can drop your merchant account. Then you’ll be left with an online business and no way to accepts payments. For the most part, Shopify’s regulations are consistent with the state-level restrictions associated with hemp-derived cannabidiol or CBD sales.

As the hemp and CBD industry continues to grow, ecommerce platforms like Shopify are seeing surges of CBD startup growth. Beyond unique product lines and creative marketing, new businesses need to understand how to acquire a CBD merchant account if they want their presence known in the Shopify CBD market.

The laws change constantly and new states are allowing certain levels of THC content while others have strict rules that restrict the sale of any hemp-related product. If your products are consumable such as gummies or edibles, then the FDA will be the main authority to refer to when it comes to understanding the regulatory environment.

To get a Shopify CBD account, you’ll have to go through three different processes.

Types of CBD You Can Sell:

Firstly, there are a few basic steps to figure out if you can sell CBD on Shopify. In order to hedge legal risk, they recommend you consult with a lawyer so you can understand all of the different regulations in the industry.

You can learn more about how to set up and restrict shipping locations by product with Shopify Shipping profiles.

After you’ve determined where you can sell your products, you can ensure that only customers from certain states can receive your products by editing your shipping zones.

If you’re a US merchant and you want to sell hemp or hemp-derived products, then you need to complete the attestation to confirm that you understand and will comply with the requirements for selling these products on Shopify.

Hemp is a type of plant in the cannabis sativa plant species, and produces a broad range of cannabinoids. Hemp doesn’t produce high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but is capable of producing high concentrations of CBD.

In-store sales

No. Stores that sell hemp or CBD products can’t use Shopify Payments to process payments. If you currently use Shopify Payments, then you have a few options:

If you sell CBD products, then you can only set up email-only order and shipping notifications. SMS notifications are not supported for merchants who sell CBD products.

No. Shopify Payments is not available for hemp or CBD products at this time. However, Shopify has partnered with several integrated third-party payment gateways that do support the sale of hemp and/or hemp-derived CBD products. You can see this list here.

Which shipping service can I use to send my hemp or CBD products?

If you haven’t created a Shopify store yet, then go to to sign up for a trial store.

If you sell hemp and/or hemp-derived CBD products, then you need to ensure that you’re following the laws and regulations of both your own state and that of your customers. You should consult your own legal counsel to determine where and what you can sell. Shopify does not provide legal advice.

Shopify payment gateway cbd

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