simply cbd mobile al

Simply cbd mobile al

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I have PTSD and severe anxiety and I am currently in recovery. Since I’ve been using CannaBama’s products I have come off all of my medication and experience absolutely no symptoms from PTSD anymore. I am very thankful for CannaBama and their tremendous variety of CBD products. It has been truly life saving to experience freedom from prescription medication. – Audrey Bacon

Simply cbd mobile al

“We wanted to take an approach that educates people on the various products we offer and how and what they help,” Chad says. “We spend time getting to know our clients, so when leaving with our product, they know what they are taking and what their expected results will be. We have created an environment where our clients feel comfortable with us, instilling confidence in them that they are making the right decision to use CBD to get relief from what ails them,” he says. “Our facilities are modeled to mimic a spa environment and our clients have given us wonderful feedback based on their own

Why does this seem so confusing? Meet Aaron VanHauter and Chad Bartz, two super friendly Eastern Shore family guys hailing from the corporate world who just happened to stumble on to the next best thing. Here, they break it down in the simplest of terms over a cool glass of fresh strawberry and CBD-infused lemonade.

Thoroughly researching companies to find the best CBD products in the country, the duo knows there is a lot of confusion surrounding the CDB topic in general. “It’s important to know that hemp and marijuana are from the same family of plants known as cannabis. However, Marijuana contains THC, which is a psychoactive ingredient that produces a ‘high.’ Our products are derived from the hemp plant and are completely TCH-free, which means they are legal and there are no psychoactive effects. Also, they are not addictive,” Aaron shares.

For Aaron and Chad, it all started when Aaron (who also owns the Mobile digital marketing agency ADvantage Digital) was invited to Tampa to present to owners of CBD stores across the country. “After four days of listening to doctors speaking about the scientific research and benefits of CBD combined with testimonials from cancer patients and those suffering from pain and inflammation, I knew this was something that could improve people’s lives in my hometown,” Aaron says. “Very rarely in life do we have an opportunity to help other people, and I came back from the trip so excited about what I had learned and told Chad.” personal experiences with our products. We are now the top-rated CBD store on Google in Alabama,” Chad adds. After spending 10 years in corporate America with Ford Motor and Coca-Cola, Chad started his journey as an entrepreneur and has since owned five different businesses in South Alabama. He developed a friendship with Aaron through advertising some of his companies. “After Aaron approached me about opening a store, I was all in, and we spent a long time traveling and researching CBD and the effects it has on people’s health and lifestyle,” Chad explains. “I enjoy developing new businesses and am especially excited about our new CBD store. This is the first business I have been a part of that actually changes people’s lives – CBD is a game changer for people,” he adds, noting family members who have used CBD for years.

For starters, I wonder: what exactly is CBD? “CBD stands for cannabidiol, a naturally occurring ingredient from the cannabis plant that can be extracted to be used in different formulas for people and animals,” Aaron explains. “They work naturally with our body’s own endocannabinoid systems as a natural option to treat ailments ranging from inflammation and anxiety to epilepsy and insomnia. Studies have shown that 90 percent of Americans who have tried CBD products have found them to be successful in helping manage their ailments,” he adds. Okay… now we’re getting somewhere.

Sharing a passion for plants and wellness, Aaron and Chad have also partnered with Jennifer Bush, the local creator of the Dropout Hippie beauty line. Available at Simply CBD, these small batch, plant-based skin care products are made from natural ingredients like botanical oils, herbs, and butters that provide maximum moisture and antiaging components.

Chad adds. “All of our products have a certificate of authorization to validate them and the hemp used on our products is grown organically and packaged in Colorado, limiting the handling,” he explains.