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Below are key points that set this White Label program apart from the alternatives.

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With a vast array of key ingredients to select from, Infinite CBD can create products with no foreseeable limits. They’re currently working with clients who are building an entire product line based with kava and kratom. While this Colorado company dedicates itself to cannabidiol, they know that companies around the country are hungry for more natural alternatives to choose from.

Infinite Product Company personalizes the CBD experience with White Label Program

Lakewood, Colorado, April 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — While select states begin to introduce plans of reopening businesses, Infinite CBD is able to assist by generating products that will ensure sales and an increase in profits. Many business owners share fears of the unknown in regards to customer presence, safety and ability to pay for products in general. With their track record of industry-leading formulations and practices, Infinite CBD can create the perfect product for businesses and their customers.

Crafted to their liking, business owners are able to work with the Infinite CBD team to bring their dream products to life, capturing the eye of customers like never before. While Infinite CBD utilizes their facility and resources to produce their own branded products, they have a dedicated production team and lab staff working around the clock to bring these plans to fruition.

While some may be looking for a unique formulation for beauty products, others may not find a need for such a product. This is why Infinite CBD will build these products from the ground up with unique product formulations and packaging to meet brand needs.

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The disposition of deuterium-labelled cannabidiol, 2H2-CBD, was studied in five young men who were marihuana smokers. The pattern of use ranged from infrequent to frequent use of the drug. Plasma concentrations, determined by mass fragmentography, were followed for 72 h after both intravenous administration of 20 mg 2H2-CBD and smoking of an estimated amount of 18.8-19.4 mg 2H2-CBD. Systemic availability after smoking was determined by comparing the areas under the plasma concentration versus time curves for the two treatments and was found to be 31 +/- 13%. A four-fold difference in the availability of the compound was noted for the five subjects. Based on the area under the curve and the dose after intravenous administration, a plasma clearance of 960-1560 ml min-1 was calculated. A terminal elimination phase was not reached at 72 h, but the kinetic parameters were estimated from the 72 h beta-elimination. A half-life of 31 +/- 4 h after smoking and 24 +/- 6 h after injection was estimated as well as a distribution volume of 2520 +/- 470 l (32.7 +/- 8.61 kg-1).

Single source cbd

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If you enjoy Single Source Products, check out they’re sister company Staylit! Staylit not only works with Delta 8, but also Delta 10, THC-O and HHC products!

At Single Source, they employ a variety of terpene profiles to achieve a range of fragrances, flavors, and effects.

StayLit Delta 8 THC BITES 1000mg


Their Price $59.99 Our Price $39.99

Their Price $59.99 Our Price $39.99

Their products are packaged in a simple, tiny form factor that is both clean and efficient.

StayLit HHC Vape Cartridge 1ml

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Their Price $39.99 Our Price $27.99