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Short cannabis varieties are the perfect choice for growers in legal territories who have very little cultivation space. Buy short growing cannabis seeds online here. If you're looking for short marijuana seeds, has a selection of auto flowering, feminized or regular short growing seeds at low prices with discrete delivery. Looking to grow the smallest weed plants in tight corners without compromising THC levels? The best cannabis seeds for you are listed below!

Small Growing Seeds

Short cannabis varieties are the perfect choice for growers in legal territories who have very little cultivation space and want to be discreet about their plants. The strains listed here have been bred to grow with restricted height, allowing not only for discretion but for simplicity when it comes to cultivation.

Short cannabis strains can still produce bountiful, rewarding harvests sure to please any grower, despite their small stature. Buy short cannabis seeds from Seedsman today, including collections from Barney’s Farm, Nirvana Seeds , and Pyramid Seeds .

Short Cannabis Strains

The main reason that growers choose marijuana varieties that grow to only a short height is growing space. If you live in a small apartment, or your garden is tiny, or perhaps you only have small balcony available for cultivation, then you just won’t have the space to grow the larger types.

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Short And Small Marijuana Strains

However, despite these obvious advantages many people are put off growing their own because they think it’ll be just too difficult. In fact, with the correct preparation and knowledge almost anyone is perfectly capable of growing their own marijuana. This is a case where the internet is your friend – there’s a mountain of advice and guidance available out there. The other key factor is to choose one of the strains that are easier to grow, and there’s a good selection of those available.

Some strains of marijuana plant really can stretch out, especially the Sativa varieties. These can reach heights of up to four metres with outdoor growing, especially if they’re left to their own devices with no pruning. So what do we mean when we talk about short varieties? Generally, we’re referring to strains that won’t get taller than 80 centimetres when they’re mature and ready for harvest, although some types can actually be only 50 centimetres tall, or even shorter.

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Of course, any marijuana strain can be pruned to keep it short, but many types will not respond well if you prune them too hard, and you’ll end up with few buds and a low-quality harvest. So we’re looking for plants that don’t grow too tall, but still produce a high-grade harvest of good buds. Often this means you’ll be looking for strains that have some Ruderalis genetics in them as well as the more common Sativa and Indica genetics. These plants are autoflowering so there’s no need to force flowering by light regime changes – they’ll do well under 18 or even 20 hours of light each day.

One example is Lowryder, which certainly lives up to its name since it only grows to a height of between 30 and 50 centimetres yet it still produces a good potent weed. Other recommendations include Auto Widow, Auto Lemon Haze and Pineapple Kush Auto.

Top 5 strains to grow in small spaces

Lots of people grow cannabis very successfully with small indoor grow rooms. Although many indoor cannabis growers use tents that are around 1.8m – 2m tall, you can also grow cannabis with as little as a metre of vertical grow space.

So long as you select compact strains that are proven to grow in small spaces you should get some great results. If you’re looking to grow the shortest, smallest weed plants then read on for some top tips and expert advice. Growing small cannabis plants doesn’t mean that you need to compromise on quality. With well-chosen cannabis seeds you can expect high quality, THC rich harvests even from small grow spaces!

Average height of cannabis and smallest weed plants

Average plant heights vary according to the types of genetics in the cannabis seed. The smallest weed plants are probably found by growing compact indica autoflowering seeds. These can be around 50cm in height. If combined with an LED bar light, you could probably just about manage in a grow room that is 1m tall.

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Short cannabis strains can also be grown from photoperiod feminised seeds. In order to get small and compact results short indica strains (or indica leaning hybrids) are often preferred. Short sativa strains can be difficult to find unless you are prepared to top them, and grow them in small containers.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds for low height grow rooms

Most indoor growers that buy autoflowering cannabis seeds tend to find that the plants reach around (or below) a metre tall. Some stretchier sativa autoflowering seeds may reach a little taller and indica autoflower seeds may remain shorter, perhaps around 50-75cm (or even shorter in some cases). Some of the best short autoflower strains are those that have dominant Kush or indica genetics.

Photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds for growing in small spaces

Photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds can show quite a variation in plant heights. Buy some Haze seeds, or a jungle sativa like Desfrán and you may find that the plants will fill all available space. In unrestricted conditions, many sativa seeds will comfortably reach 1.5 m tall, or much more. If you’re looking to grow short height strains from feminised seeds then indica or indica-leaning hybrid strains are the best choices. These can often stay below a metre in height.

If you top (or ‘FIM’) your cannabis plants while they are young you can produce short bushy cannabis plants. This is one technique to produce the smallest marijuana plants. But other techniques include using smaller plant containers, perhaps 5 litre or so, to restrict the final plant size.

Best 5 cannabis seeds for the smallest grow spaces

The following selection of autoflower seeds and photoperiod feminised seeds have been recommended for their reliably compact and consistent small growth structure which makes them ideal for the indoor grower with limited grow space. If you have limited space and want to grow a small weed plant, these are out top 5 recommendations. All of them have excellent vape/smoke quality too!

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Auto Banana Blaze: XL yields, most plants around 75cm in height

Auto Banana Blaze is a top quality indica autoflower strain from the cannabis cup winning Dutch Passion Afghani Kush cannabis seed collection. Short marijuana strains don’t get much tastier and heavy yielding than this. Auto Banana Blaze seeds grow with a short, compact Christmas tree structure. The aroma is creamy, sweet, fruity and tropical. This mini weed plant takes around 12 weeks to grow from seed to harvest.

The yields are notably heavy. Just because you are growing a short cannabis plant doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on yield. With a well optimised grow room (and especially with a good quality LED grow light) you definitely don’t need to compromise on harvest quantity. In fact, short height cannabis strains are often preferred by many legal, licensed cannabis producers. That’s because small cannabis plants are ideal for stacked, multi-level grow operations where 2 (or even 3) levels of plants are grown with LED bar grow lights. This is a recipe for very high levels of productivity.

Auto Banana Blaze is recommended for anyone needing a solid, short high yield strain that delivers hard dense buds with a powerful indica effect. With a delicious sweet banana flavour and an uncomplicated growing pattern, this is an easy strain to grow.

Auto Banana Blaze seeds are a proud member of Dutch Passion’s Very High THC seed collection. You won’t be disappointed with the potency of THC rich buds. These pack a real punch with a strong, long lasting high and powerful body effects. Perfect for growing weed in small spaces!

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