sos cbd 500mg

SOS-CBD makes zero mention of their extraction method, nor any type of third-party testing protocols, critical information we’d need to see to warrant the Safety Badge.

The CBD topicals contain anti-inflammatory, all-natural ingredients and zero chemical emulsifiers. The CBD Face & Body Orange Cream has a particularly nice blend of ylang ylang and sweet orange in the mix. They also make an arnica salve with CBD for arthritis, workout recovery, and sore muscles, available both with and without cayenne.

The SOS-CBD product line is affordably priced, ranging from $26 to $105. It features a CBD hemp oil made with CBD isolate and cold pressed hemp seed oil (great carrier choice), infused with a powerful terpene blend. Water-soluble CBD is also available, perfect for mixing in juice or smoothies, and SOS-CBD claims this solution is more potent than their traditional CBD tincture.

Rounding things out are the full spectrum CBD softgels, pure CBD isolate crystals, and transdermal patches. CBD transdermal patches aren’t necessarily uncommon, but they’re not a product we see across the board. They’re known for their long-lasting delivery of CBD for pain relief, and SOS-CBD recommends placing their patches at the base of the spine or at the pain site.

While a trip through SOS Pain’s website gives the reader a few blips of hopefulness, overall the outlook is grim. While the claimed intention of helping those with pharmaceutical drug dependency is noble, there’s no avoiding the fact that all the talk of laboratory testing and source material is just that — talk. If consumers don’t know where products are from, and also don’t have a clue what is in them, there is little reason to purchase them — and a lot of risks.

Maui Wowie

Granddaddy Purps

From the classic sativa strain, Jetty’s Maui Wowie is a hand-crafted cannabis distillate made with the strain’s own cannabis terpenes. It has a sweet, earthy taste and delivers a mellow, upbeat high. 1g high-THC cannabis oil available in proprietary twist and click Dablicator™ Oil Applicator hardware.

However you use it, the Dablicator™ Oil Applicator is a better way to enjoy cannabis. And because it’s Jetty, you get the highest quality oil made with real cannabis terpenes. Available in Maui Wowie, Granddaddy Purple and AC/DC.

Granddaddy Purps is a classic NorCal; a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. Potent, heavy-hitting indica with hints of citrus fruit and spice. 1g cannabis oil with cannabis terpenes available in our proprietary twist and click Dablicator™ Oil Applicator hardware.