sound wellness cbd

Sound wellness cbd

CBD will continue to build up in your system and your endocannabinoid system (ECS) will take time to regain balance – we recommend continuing to follow the routine for at least 60 days . If desired you can try lowering the dose amount.

CBD isn’t psychoactive, so it won’t get you high. Like many people you may find that it help your body maintain health balance and a sense of calm (find out more about how CBD makes you feel here). During the first seven days start slow, to give your body time to respond.

Regular consumption of CBD as part of a general wellness routine may help with the maintenance of a healthy balance (called homeostasis) in your endocannabinoid system – which is responsible for regulating a wide variety of important bodily functions.

If you are new to CBD then the 5% oil is a great option for the first month of usage while you identify the best dose for you.

After SEVEN days, if needed:

Dosage is very individual – many factors including your metabolism, size and the state of your endocannabinoid system will dictate the dose that works best for you. To help you find the right balance for you, we recommend starting low and gradually building up, following the process above, to allow your body time to adjust.

For the first SEVEN days

Thar initially sued Sound Wellness in Pennsylvania state court in May 2020 for breach of contract, claiming the cannabis company had refused to pay for the CBD oil that Thar had processed.

After the case was moved to federal court, Sound Wellness asserted counterclaims against Thar and filed a third-party complaint against the original sellers of the hemp — Plant Science Laboratories LLC and.

Stay ahead of the curve

By Katryna Perera (January 18, 2022, 8:37 PM EST) — Hemp processor Thar Process Inc. notched a win in its contract suit against Sound Wellness LLC, a unit of cannabis company Jushi Holdings, dodging counterclaims that it defrauded Sound Wellness by selling it unusable, low-quality CBD oil.

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