tasty drops cbd review

Tasty drops cbd review

Tasty Drops is a proprietary hemp oil tincture made for sublingual use (under your tongue), with each batch handmade and lab-tested to guarantee a fresh & potent product every time. This CBD oil is formulated with full-spectrum phytocannabinoids (CBD, CBDa), cleanly extracted from industrial hemp plants, and left in its raw form. The resulting product is a strong concentration of CBD oil enhanced with synergistic terpenes from various plants such as hemp and clary sage. By combining terpenes with hemp's natural cannabinoids, Tasty Drops CBD Hemp Oil offers a powerful cooperative energy of phytonutrients that you won't find anyplace else. This Tasty Drops Hemp Oil Tincture contains 500mg of phytocannabinoids (CBD, CBDa) per 1oz bottle.

It's all in the name–Tasty Drops aims to be the best-tasting hemp oil you’ll ever find. If you’ve tried other CBD hemp oil supplements in the past, you know firsthand that the taste can be overbearing, much like eating straight dirt and grass. For those who enjoy the raw earthy taste of CBD, the natural flavor is right up your alley. For the rest of us, the Berry, Spearmint and Vanilla Tasty Drops have just the right amount of added natural flavors to maintain an enjoyable, daily routine of CBD use.

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Tasty drops cbd review

Tasty Drops are a premium quality raw hemp oil tincture hand-crafted in Michigan. Tasty Drops are full spectrum and available in 300mg or the new extra strength 1000mg!

Another addition to the Tasty Drops formula is our proprietary blend of terpenes, derived from various plants such as hemp and clary sage. Terpenes are a large class of organic compounds responsible for the unique smells, colors, and benefits of different plants. Combined with hemp’s natural compounds, they offer a powerful synergy of phytonutrients you won’t find in any grocery store nutritional supplement.

Our team is passionate about hemp, something we hope is evident in every Tasty Drops batch. We’re dedicated to maintaining high safety and quality standards in our laboratory and customer support.