tj’s cbd tincture

Tj's cbd tincture

TJ’s Gardens is proud to introduce The Forrest Initiative, a center dedicated to serving the needs of under-resourced families in our community. This important program was originally founded in 2014 as the TJ’s Kids and Families Program, but it has since evolved into an organization with a much broader mission. The Forrest Initiative’s mission is to help families source CBD oil at no cost for their children in dire need of this life changing oil. Cannabidiol (aka CBD) oil is a natural, non-psychoactive product derived from cannabis plants. Because there is no psychoactive quality that makes you feel “high,” this product is given to people suffering from seizures, anxiety, insomnia, neuropathic pain, ulcers, and other medical symptoms.

James has been meticulously growing cannabis for more than 25 years. His passion for growing plants in general started at a young age, when he learned a lot from his father about conserving precious resources. James has always had a green thumb, and he’s a natural leader. His persistence and drive to grow naturally and sustainably is unparalleled. He continuously educates himself regarding what’s best for people and the environment.

James has a diverse professional background that illustrates his commitment to growth and progress on many fronts. He served as a fire systems service manager and owned his own specialty construction company. James even played Poker professionally for a few years. His passion and talent for growing top-notch cannabis led him to be successful in today’s cannabis industry. James strives to help his employees thrive and excel at their jobs. He’s proactive about keeping the company involved with and connected to the local community.

Travis has been growing cannabis for more than 10 years, and his love for the plant is undeniable—just like his passion for helping others. He’s driven by his desire to find a more natural approach to wellness. His wife, Cham, has always been the leading reason for his interest in the industry.

TJ’s Gardens provides cannabis to people suffering from Epilepsy.

James Orpeza is co-owner and co-president of TJ’s Organics in Washington and TJ’s Gardens in Oregon. James currently oversees day-to-day growing operations in both states. He is also responsible for all future expansions of the company’s grow projects. As a master grower, he works alongside gardeners and processors in all locations.

The founders of TJ’s Gardens, along with a few parents looking for alternative medicine for their children, realized that there was a substantial need for affordable pediatric solutions within the cannabis industry. Prices of CBD oil, especially from high quality sources, have recently skyrocketed in some areas within the past few years. In response, TJ’s Gardens unanimously voted to offer their medicinal CBD oil at no cost to children with their medical marijuana cards. Although the program was quite small to begin with, it has now grown to include over 100 families as more parents are seeking affordable alternatives for their children.

When he isn’t working (which is a rare occurrence), James enjoys home life with his supportive partner, Tilly, and their dog and two cats. His hobbies include Jiu-Jitsu, driving his Audi, traveling, snowboarding, live music, camping, hiking, playing an occasional Xbox game, being an avid foodie, and all things Pacific Northwest.

Every plant deserves to be grown to its full genetic potential. Every patient deserves to have access to and use the plant most helpful to them for their specific issue.

Travis enjoys spending time with his family. He is a father to three wonderful adult children who pursue their dreams and passions with vigor. Travis is known for forging friendships in the community where he lives and works, and is a highly respected businessman and Eugene resident. He enjoys exploring the outdoors and learning new things.

Travis previously served in the U.S. Coast Guard as an electronics technician. He has also worked as a low-voltage electrician, focusing on PBX, network, and security systems installation and repair. His company specialized in data systems wiring and installations for businesses throughout Oregon. Travis’s background working with logic-based systems and analytics has helped TJ’s become one of the first cannabis companies to recognize the value of micro-dosing cannabinoids for health and wellness.

Tj's cbd tincture

This indica-dominant 60/40 strain bred by Paradise Seeds creates a great hybrid balance of effects.

This indica-dominant 60/40 strain bred by Paradise Seeds creates a great hybrid balance of effects. Much like the frozen treat, Ice Cream has a smooth, creamy taste.