vena cbd

Vena cbd

PureKana sources hemp for its CBD products from the USA or, more specifically, Kentucky. After harvest, the brand passes the hemp through a strict protocol of processing and extraction to ensure the best quality.


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More Than Just CBD

JustCBD is represented by a wide variety of products, each of which is unique! When compared to other firms, JustCBD provides much more than just oil tinctures and a restricted selection of edibles or topicals. CBD infused dried fruits, honey sticks, and protein bars are some of the rarest items you’ll discover in other shops.

Vena cbd

He said it’s important to recognize “if we do it in a correct manner, thinking about what we can make this industry, then CBD has got a lot more longevity. This isn’t a fad; this is a product that’s really helping people, so we’ve got to be good stewards of the industry.” And, he added, “the net of it is a CBD industry that the FDA can be more comfortable with, that consumers can be more comfortable with which I think is ultimately what we’re trying to achieve. I think there’s a misconception with CBD that we don’t want regulation, that this is a cowboy industry. The leading CBD brands are demanding it. We are reaching out to the FDA saying, ‘you have to put these regulations in place because we’re going to hold ourselves to the product quality that we just talked about, the marketing claims that we just talked about’ – because if you’re doing it the right way, that’s good for business and it’s ultimately good for the consumer.”

Hartenbach brought CRO Natasha Cuda into the company to grow the retail side. Said Cuda, “We had differentiation points from the very beginning. And that was what really led to our successes. I think number one was a lot of the other CBD brands in the space really weren’t looking at retail quite yet.” One example of this differentiation, said Cuda, is when the brand started in the CBD space with two, 3.4-ounce topical creams, and had been accepted into CVS and Walgreens. At “the very last minute,” the retail stores requested a change to the price points on those products, and within four weeks, Medterra “created two new SKUs at the correct price point and the correct size to be able to really work with that CVS and Walgreens consumer, who was used to a typical price point coming into their stores. That SKU,” said Cuda, “is now the number one CBD cream in America. So, I think that’s the beauty and the benefit of being with a startup company – we have that nimbleness, we have that flexibility, to be able to do what works best for you and what works best for the entire category.” alt=”Sleep Tight2″ />Medterra

The retail sales component, however, was a “curve ball,” according to Hartenbach. “Our first product that we sold did not even have a UPC on it…and when we tried to sell it into wholesale, we thought a 20% discount off MSRP was going to be perfect, and we were kindly educated that that was not how you sell into wholesale.”

In the beginning, the pair was just trying to supply high-quality, verified CBD to other brands. “ But shortly thereafter,” said Hartenbach, “we started looking at what people were doing with the CBD products that we were ultimately supplying CBD for, and we thought that people were charging too much money, and the consumer experience was miserable.” Dark packaging, no THC-free alternatives, and low potency, were other issues that Hartenbach saw with the offerings on the market, and he said they realized there was an opportunity to create their own CBD products.

Full Spectrum Products Medterra Medterra launched 45 products in 2020. Said Velasquez, “The pandemic did not slow us down. We worked with our medical advisory board – we have five doctors that we work with developing products. We really develop a goal for the product: What problem are we trying to solve for the consumer? Then we work with the doctors, and we work with consumers, to test the products. We have a very robust quality process in place. Then we do some online consumer testing; we have different portals that we use for both quantified and qualified consumer discussions. We have, I would say, an innovation engine. In fact, I think Jay has put the brakes on for 2021. It’s probably coming more from Natasha who’s saying, “Can I have a moment to sell these 45 products before you keep bringing new products to shelf.”

Jay Hartenbach has learned a few things about selling to retail since he left his job at IBM in 2017 and partnered with college friend J.P. Larsen to start CBD company Medterra. At the Natural Products Expo West conference, Hartenbach said he understood the technical side of CBD with his background in biomedical engineering and master’s in engineering management, and he understood e-commerce and direct-to-consumer marketing as he’d launched an online skincare company in grad-school. But selling to retail – including packaging requirements such as UPC codes, was a learning curve.