veterinary approved cbd oil

Veterinary approved cbd oil

Our 2000mg CBD oil is a pet parent favorite

We are the industry leader in offering the most economical option for full-spectrum hemp products.

Equine veterinarian designed CBD pellets, powders, and paste specifically for horses.

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“Recently our goofy girl Cinnamon, a Bernese Mountain Dog, was diagnosed with Immune-mediated polyarthritis. The traditional treatment wasn’t working. She was lame, losing weight and in an incredible amount of pain that only Fentanyl could control. I am happy to report that with the help of CBD the inflammation in her joints has subsided, her mobility has returned and she is now pain free without the use of any opioids! Thank you so much VetCS!”

We believe that an alternative approach to animal wellness can be gained using plant-based medicine. Our products are custom formulated by our team of veterinary professionals, ensuring accuracy and consistency. You can trust that only the highest quality ingredients are used to develop each VetCS hemp product.

Effective and palatable CBD to promote canine joint health, manage stress, and support overall wellness.

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Vet Designed. Vet Driven.

Introducing the 1200mg CBD CBG CBN Oil

Veterinary approved cbd oil

● The website was simple to use and everything was easy to find.The website is broken down by conditions specific products for easy navigation.

All CBDfx products have been lab tested by a third party, with all tests readily available on These tests confirm the CBD content of the oil, as well as other (safe) cannabinoid content. They also test for pesticides, heavy metals, solvent residue and any other harmful substances that should not be in the oil. Every product that CBDfx sells has passed this purity test, so you know you’re only getting high-quality, pure CBD.

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Leaf Remedys pet Tinctures are the easiest and most effective way to supplement CBD for your pets. they offer the ultimate relief formula to our furry friends. The company only uses high quality CBD extract from Colorado grown hemp. The CBD extract is tested by a third-party independent lab for purity and concentration. Their Chicken, Bacon, or Salmon flavors are not only a tasty treat, but they are also packed with healthy ingredients. Each CBD tincture is infused with 500mg of CBD, Glucosamine, MSM, and Chondroitin which are known active ingredients that help that help manage inflammation which is the most common cause of pain and discomfort. This oil it is one of the strongest CBD dog products on the market. The 30 day supply is offered at $39.99 and you can use discount code (DM20) to receive 20% off your entire order at check out, no subscription needed.

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● 150mg strength: 164.4 mg CBD per Unit

Even with a plethora of options, safety and dependability are always a concern. This is underscored particularly in veterinary medicine because a majority of veterinarians remain hesitant to discuss or recommend veterinary CBD products for legal reasons because CBD remains a Schedule 1 drug under federal law. This, coupled with the fact that most CBD products are procured online, can make it difficult to separate high-quality products from imposters.

Ranked just behind 4 Corners is Hemplucid, which RAVE Reviews says offers the best-quality CBD products for animals. Although relatively new to the industry, Hemplucid boasts that it sends every batch of its CBD oil to a third-party lab to ensure that it lives up to the company's standards. Hemplucid also keeps its clientele top of mind by formulating CBD tinctures specifically for the canine and feline palates—fish for cats, chicken for dogs.

Companies that manufacture CBD products are well aware of these statistics. The CBD market for animals has grown exponentially over the past few years, with new companies regularly launching lines devoted to dogs, cats, and horses.

The best overall CBD oil for pets comes from Colorado-based 4 Corners Cannabis, according to RAVE Reviews. CBD oil from 4 Corners contains a consistent spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, as affirmed by third-party lab tests. The company also stands out among its competition because it grows its own hemp, enabling complete control over the process from seed to sale. Additionally, the company's pet tincture, Pedigree, excludes limonene, a terpene to which some animals are sensitive.