vw cbd engine problems

Vw cbd engine problems

Look at the dyno graph below and work out which map is better for you?

Hi, my CBBB 170bhp Passat engine is wrecked, failed oil pump! so I’m on the look out for another engine but would any other type suit, say a 140bhp and use my old injectors & turbo etc., thanks

Best mods for a 2.0 TDi engine

The engines are quite strong though and you’ll find that around the 350 bhp mark is the safe maximum power a standard block can handle, a lot depends on the driving style and maintenance though.

2.0 TDi EGR Removal

I am considering going the BKD route but wanted to know your thoughts before going and buying a replacement.

Vw cbd engine problems

It would be sensible to at least check the key and see if it is worn or not, replace it as they cost a few £’s.

The balancer can be welded and re-broached if you wish, I fit a new system.

and if it is the a 77 or 100-mm unit

There are CBDA (136ps) and CBDB (140ps) engine codes used in the Jetta (there is a 110PS CBDC but it is not used) and the CBDA, CDBB plus the CEGA are all the same units.

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