wisconsin cbd oil law

Wisconsin cbd oil law

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You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase CBD oil in Wisconsin. It is against the law for any seller to allow a minor to buy cannabidiol products. If you visit a physical store, expect the staff member to ask you for ID.

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Where to Buy CBD Oil in Wisconsin

There is a huge array of physical stores dedicated to the sale of CBD. You might also find major retailers such as Walgreens stocking the cannabinoid. Many gas stations likely sell CBD in Wisconsin, though we don’t recommend such products. Here are five highly-rated stores in the state that sell CBD oil.

Therefore, one can now purchase hemp-derived CBD in Wisconsin without a doctor’s recommendation. It came after several years of confusion, beginning with the passing of Wisconsin Act 267 into law in April 2014, which legalized CBD for seizure disorders.

Do You Need a Doctor’s Prescription to Buy CBD Oil in Wisconsin?

Although purchasing hemp-derived CBD is federally legal, state laws often cause confusion.

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Wisconsin cbd oil law

CBD has taken the wellness industry by the storm. However, since the market is relatively new, it remains largely unregulated. Some companies are very liberal when it comes to labeling. There are many mislabeled products sold over the counter; some of them contain less CBD than advertised, whereas others come with dangerous chemicals and can compromise your health.

Wisconsin has a long way to go when it comes to making progress with cannabis laws. The state doesn’t allow marijuana for recreational use, and it has an extremely flawed medical marijuana program. Fortunately, hemp-derived CBD is legal in all 50 states, so you shouldn’t have problems finding CBD oil in one of Wisconsin’s vape shops or specialty stores.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Wisconsin?

But where do you find the best CBD oils in Wisconsin?

If you get caught with drug paraphernalia, this can add an extra 30 days to your jail sentence and draw an additional $500 from your bank account.

Summary: What’s the Best Way to Buy CBD Oil in Wisconsin?

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